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The Haruspex

Canada Country of Origin: Canada

1. Imperial
2. Nine Kings Of Sulphur
3. Carcosa
4. Dismantling The Throne
5. Sitra Achra
6. Crowns Of Flesh
7. Cerulean
8. Venom And Rapture
9. Architects
10. The Mark Of Veritas

Review by Maverick on January 25, 2024.

I really enjoy modern death metal (and this album is partially why), and when I mean "modern death metal," I'm not speaking about second-hand watered down In Flamem releases, and semi-groove mallcore clones either. If you think the modern death metal has nothing to offer, think again - because this album will lead you to a state of metallic repentance. I've never really liked modern death metal, unless it's part of the Gothenburg scene, otherwise I prefer my dose of retro-death metal (Obituary, Dismember, Gorguts, Hooded Menace, etc.). This album presents us with a compelling, eery vibe of outright confrontation, combining groove/thrash metal influences with solid obliterating death metal, with moments of slam-death causticity. Here are several reasons you should get this album:

Firstly, this album is poetic genius, both lyrically and the ambient vibe pervading the album. You literally feel as though you're entering into a musical domain, where the band is painting a picture for you. A lucid dream of some epic story, marked by sinister mysticism. It felt to me as though the vocalist was on some rage trip in 'Crowns Of Flesh'. Lyrically very interesting, and quite badass, check this line for example,

"The rite. Forever.
Immaculate defamation of self.
Let us come together in immolation."

Second, it's hard to fit this into a specific grid of metal. To a degree the modern metal scene is quite diverse in influence, which I believe is really a good thing. This album even though very "basic" in their projection, have various moments ranging with thrash metal and slammy-death riffs, infused with groove driven picking. Compare 'Sitra Achra', and 'Crowns Of Flesh' for example sounds very different, but they are musically congruent and correspond to one another. There are some mind-blowing moments that still stick with me, the ambient sorrow of how songs end, sort of like the band has told you their story, and they want you to feel their emotion, musical brilliance indeed.

Third, the drumming in this album is great. I think the drumming ranges from typical thrash/death timing, and pounding to some black metal causticity. I really loved it.

Ultimately, an album I'd recommend ten times over. I've been playing this on repeat for weeks now, truly a great release!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10