An Anthology Of Dead Ends

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An Anthology Of Dead Ends

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Release Date: 2002
Genre: Hardcore, Heavy
1. Spaim
2. Japam
3. Framce
4. Vietmam
5. Afghamistam
6. Micaragua

Review by Jack on November 25, 2002.

For those you unfamiliar with hardcore/metal scene, Botch is probably one of the more talented outfits in the scene. Combining a witty knack for a natty track with a slight nod to the weird and wacky, Botch, with their new EP “An Anthology of Dead Ends”, have created quite superb little number.

This EP can be effectively divided into part two parts. Part I is comprised of the more hardcore/metal tracks of ‘Japam’, ‘Fracme’, ‘Vietmam’ and ‘Micaragua’ whilst part II is just the 7 minute oddball of ‘Afghamistam’ (and, yes the spelling of each country is deliberately substituted with an ‘m’ for an ‘n’).

Part I is hardly what you would call the ‘norm’ for this genre, but it is a very good addition to the collection of those fans that are into the hardcore/metal scene. There is gnarly shredding, roaring growls, and a good amount of skin beating to leave everyone pleading for more. Part I is the more safe material from “An Anthology of Dead Ends”.

Part II. What can I possibly say about part II? The track 7 minute ‘Afghamistam’ is such a departure from the rest of the EP, that you would swear that someone has changed the record from your stereo without having informed you. Mellow and involving ‘Afghamistam’ is a track that demands attention. I can almost guarantee that folks will put down whatever they are doing (office work, drugs, girlfriend, or whatever) and devote their ears to this masterpiece. Starting with a soothing bass intro followed by vocals that are at polar opposites from the monstrous roars of the other four tracks, this opens the way for a an encapsulating ride into the wild. Everything is spot on for ‘Afghamistam’; vocals, gentle guitar work, and precise and crisp drumming, which while always in your mind never becomes too much of a force, but provides beautiful interplay between each of the other instruments.

The stark contrasts of ‘Afghamistam’ with the rest of “An Anthology of Dead Ends” provides something of an enigma, but the sort of bewilderment which leaves you smiling at the end of day, rather than with a look of perplexity. “An Anthology of Dead Ends” is just one of those unique EPs that is worth hunting down.

Bottom Line: Gobsmacked would be a gross understatement. In just over 20 minutes, Botch creates a work of art that the scores of similar acts couldn’t even attempt to comprehend, let alone create with a full album’s worth of time.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 9
Atmosphere: 9
Production: 8
Originality: 8
Overall: 8

Rating: 8.4 out of 10