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Lambdroid's Vengeance

Greece Country of Origin: Greece

Lambdroid's Vengeance
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: September 30th, 2014
Genre: Brutal, Death
1. Ultimatum
2. BEEE Metal
3. D.S.A. (Death Sheep Armageddon)
5. Spacegoat Motherfucker
6. I Used To Date Megatron
7. Why I Kill You
8. Fat Bastard
9. Jesus Shepherd
10. Jesus Shepherd

Review by JD on February 17, 2016.

Bursa Lamb… a Greek extreme death metal band that oddly describes themselves as “intergalactic deathsheep lounge music" and taking their band names straight out of the bible. I say… WTF???

With only two members, none of which seem to have done the vocals or put down the guitars on this disk, the band seems to be a contradiction wrapped up in terrible decision making. I wonder if the unknown musicians here never wanted their names known. After listening to it for the usual three times before writing this review - I understand why they made the decision not to be identified in the bios.

With almost laughable guitar playing, vocals that are pretty much bad cookie monster variety, not to mention a drummer that also might use a drum machine to ‘fill’ his playing out. I cannot forget the song writing which is beyond senseless at best; bad when truthful… all of these points make a mockery of all the good death metal bands out there.

Bursa Lamb is an idea that should have been left well enough alone, until talent could be found to pull it off. This is one album worth ignoring and… I will simply leave it at that. I am going to put on Death’s Scream Bloody Gore to reassure myself of death metal that is good.

Rating: 1 out of 10