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Belgium Country of Origin: Belgium

1. Dellamorte Dellamore
3. Cadaverous Collection
4. Whoremageddon
5. Termination Redux (Album Version)
6. Bit By Bit
7. Divine Impediment
8. Coven Of Ignorance
9. The Mephitic Conundrum
10. Forged In Decrepitude
11. From Beyond (The Grave)
12. In Avernus

Review by Adam M on November 29, 2016.

Aborted perform a fast and vicious form of death metal. There is perhaps a similarity to Carcass, but I don’t believe this band is quite as effective at delivering the death metal blow. This is due to some more simplistic song-writing that doesn’t lend it quite the compelling approach.

It’s still a very nifty approach to the death metal genre, however. The music is abrasive and hard-hitting to the core. This voracious approach hits hard and fast. There is an aggressive side to the music that is very appropriate. There isn’t as much complexity as on Necroticism or as much melody as Heartwork, but the disc still finds a good medium to the music overall. It’s a hard edged style that has a lot going for it. After a quick intro, the band comes out of the closet firing on all cylinders with the title track. For the most part, the momentum is kept up throughout the disc, but this first true track is stormer. The brutality is harsh, but still intelligent enough to be fun. There is an element of well-conceived glory that propels an otherwise 7/10 release into the 7.5/10 range. The entirety of the work seems well composed and written. The songs have a purpose and drive to them. Still, despite the intelligent approach, it still never comes close to matching Necroticism for all of its complexities.

This leaves us with a fairly straight-forward disc that has enough abrasiveness and thoughtfulness to please. There is enough meatiness in the riffs to pummel time and time again. Make no mistake, this isn’t the greatest death metal recording, but it does have enough edge and impact to it to be quite a cool listen. Fans of Carcass, Exhumed and the like will find lots to like with Retrogore.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10