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Keep It Alive

Greece Country of Origin: Greece

Keep It Alive
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: December 26th, 2014
Label: Self Released
Genre: Heavy, Stoner
1. Ride With Me
2. I've Been Around
3. Judge Me
4. No Prison
5. I Care

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Review by JD on March 9, 2016.

Hailing from the lands of the Olympic games, Greece, stoner rockers Profound Sleep come at you with this somewhat disjointed mixture of stoner power that is infused with a healthy dosage of psychedelic and 70’s prog rock added in to some very chunky riffs.

Sounding like some spawn of Black Sabbath, Trouble, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Pink FloydProfound Sleep is one of those bands that somehow pulls it all together and makes it work. Strong 70’s inspired guitar work along with brilliant bass and drum work well as the haunting vocals pull you into this vortex of color that then goes bleak. It is an intense, yet rather confused ride.

Throughout the six songs here, you hear the talent oozing, yet the songs at times seem not quite done. Some are over played, while others seem to cast away the strange yet intriguing lyrics in their race for dominance. Case in point is the song I care… a well-crafted lyrically that seems to get bogged down by the music almost doing too much and leaving little discovery room as it beats the words out for dominance and the muddies everything. . . and that is not a good thing.

A nice record to hear, but the very obvious flaws make it hard to want to listen to the Profound Sleep disk a second time. Shows that sometimes even good musicianship can be a detriment, when not done rig, to the point where the lyrics become sadly expendable. Those words need to be the thing that shines more. It’s sad, as this album could have been an epic journey… but it only made me want to get off at the next stop.

I sort of ‘fell asleep’ to this… and not in a nice way. That says volumes.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10