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Deimos Sanktuarium

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

Deimos Sanktuarium
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: October 12th, 2018
Genre: Grindcore
1. A Plea For Divine Necromancy
2. Så Förgås Världens Härlighet
3. Vi Föddes I Samma Grav
4. Profaned Is The Blood Of The Covenant
5. The Ashes Of Our Defeat
6. The Silent Observer
7. Här Finns Ingen Nåd
2. Känslan (Post Patch Anxiety)
3. Pillars Of Filth
4. Choice Of A Lost Generation
5. From Graduation To Devastation
6. Dedication
8. The 02666 Heritage
9. The Great Destroyer
10. Down And Out
11. In The Name Of Suffering
12. Lost On A Straight Path
13. Forsaken
14. Collapse
15. The Lack Of Humanity
16. Svart Hål
17. I Don't Need You / Dead And Gone