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Red Shift

Spain Country of Origin: Spain

1. Naked Eye
2. Lured Decoy
3. Cyphred
4. Bluntness
5. Buried
6. Mindscape
7. Descent To Dion
8. I, Befouled
9. 6 Bloodmarks
10. Sharpedge Solitude
11. Red Shift…

Review by Denis on February 1, 2003.

I've only seen good things written about this album, so I was all happy and anxious when I received it. Asgaroth's "Red Shift" is the second full length from this Spanish band that has been together for seven years now, but this is actually the first one to break its original frontier much to my and your pleasure. The current line-up includes Christopher-Baque-Widman on vocals, lead guitar and keys; Daniel Rubi Piero on bass and back vocals; Mr. Ax, Oscar David Raventos taking care of samples and rhythm guitars; Oisin Martinez on drums.

Albums like "Red Shift" are the main reason for me to be in this reviewing business. Gee, what a thrill and joy is to discover another great piece of art from a perfect stranger! These guys have so much talent, ideas and have created such an addictive album it's almost scary! Words like: masterpiece, amazing creativity, brilliant, awesome and the like comes to my mind. The info sheet uses "Cinematic" and it does have some of that too. A much-refined ambiance floats throughout the highly sophisticated musical structures of all the eleven compositions crammed with ideas and emotions. I don't like this album, I love it! I never seem to have enough and I'm getting the feeling that I'll never uncover all the beauties involved. Impressive stuff by being complex but accessible too. Progressive Symphonic Avant-garde music with Black Metal influences! This is what the fuzz and buzz is all about. Just put this CD on and you'll be hit in the face right away with two incredible pieces of Avant-garde. The basic Black elements are actually kind of low in the mix so it's not really violent thus leaving the Avant-garde / Prog parts upfront like the multi-layers keyboard invasion or the cool lead guitar runs. Do you like instrumentals with calm, ambient and mysterious moods? Two are here just for you on spot number 3 and 9. Thrilled by awesome Prog structures? Just wait to hear 'Lured Decoy', 'Buried' or 'Descent to Dion'. Like some psychedelic in your metal? The closer, title track has some pretty weird sounds for you. One last point I'd like to mention is that the vocals on "Red Shift" are doing the wave between clean and Black in a smooth and subtle transition.

I'm glad this band is finally getting a world wide exposure and whish that there will be many more albums from "The Conquistadors" ...I mean Asgaroth.

Bottom Line: Get this wonderful Avant-garde musical treat.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 9
Atmosphere: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 8.5
Overall: 9

Rating: 9.3 out of 10