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Type: EP
Release Date: 1983
Label: Mongol Horde
Genre: Heavy, Power, Rock
1. Lightning Strikes Again
2. Anger
3. Rock The City
4. Lazer Eyes
5. When Gods Collide
6. Death March

Review by JD on April 10, 2016.

If you like your metal tongue in cheek and simply cheesy look no further to Canada’s own Thor. A body builder, business owner, film writer and B-movie actor, this man has cornered the market on what it is to be cheesy. I remember him from the 80’s, and his antics and stage persona really set the stage for the ultimate trip into the ridiculous and for ignoring such things as talent.

Mr. Jon Mikl (real name?) was a Canadian champion bodybuilder, until he combined his power packed frame with early metal music and the name of the God of Thunder himself. Touring and releasing tones of albums throughout his career, he also became a B-movie star – getting accolades while also being panned by many. His ridiculous antics and over-the-top showmanship made him very popular, albeit for not so great reasons as he was almost a bad comic book come to life and people loved to see car wrecks.

Unchained is a re-release of his 1983 EP of the same name, but with 12 bonus tracks and a DVD with his movie and live shows on it. It is simple, yet very limited sort of music, sort of like after metal came on to the scene and everyone thought they could play metal but could not… he is the king of it. Badly written and produced the thing from start to finish was a sad commentary of what metal could have ended up as. The movie included in this package was as cheezy and crappy as the music was. I never liked him then, or now. I give him credit for lasting this long, but time has not helped much. I give him a respectful rating but I do with a warning. If you want cheesy metal that is good, simple and yet does not want to make you run away pick up classics like fellow Canadian Piledriver or the porn metal of The Mentors… and steer clear of Thor at all cost.

Rating: 3 out of 10