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Selves We Cannot Forgive

United States Country of Origin: United States

Selves We Cannot Forgive

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: July 22nd, 2016
Genre: Death, Progressive
1. For Red Clouds
2. Sorrowpsalm
3. Again
4. Belie The Machine
6. Transmit To Disconnect
7. Matriarch
8. Vicious Lives

Review by Adam M on July 25, 2016.

Black Crown Initiate brings a lot aggression and melody to the mix again on their new platter, Selves We Cannot Forgive. There is also an undeniable progressive touch that makes these songs forward thinking in the Tool manner as well.

The overall some of the parts is an interesting mix of influences that makes their new work rise over the mostly melodic material from last time around. The passages are riff filled excursions that are both heavy and intelligent in equal measure. The melodic death metal portion of the band similar to Dark Tranquility is still present and the music is likewise fairly easy to get into. However, the thoughtfulness is what makes this new album worthwhile. Passages get distorted into something more elevated and work the mind quite well. The variety found on the album is thus sufficient and put to excellent use to create something that is constantly changing and enthralling around every corner. From the quiet sounds of the title track to the intelligent approach of Matriarch, there is something that is worthwhile around at most moments on this listen. The vocals again alternate between gruff death metal types that take up most of the listening time and thrilling clean vocals that fit into the band’s vision of variation. The guitar sounds tech, but is really smooth as well. The overall sound of the band is witty, yet harmonious in nature. The bleak moments are appropriately dark and well done to the utmost extent, however. The moments that are more melodic complement these moments in the best of fashions as well. This is demonstrated nicely in the track Again which features a variety of different styles present. This song is one of many moments that features the constantly changing stylistic choices.

The consistent pushing forward of the progressive side of things is what makes this a distinctive new album that separates itself from the past. Selves We Cannot Forgive is overall a solid album that could be slightly improved with more cohesion of ideas.

Rating: 8 out of 10