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IV: Empires Collapse

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Horizon
2. The Turning Of The Gears
3. One Dimension
4. Hunter-Seeker
6. Scars Remain
7. Dying Light
8. Iron City
9. Leviathan
10. Off With Their Heads!
11. Towers Of The Serpent

Review by Death8699 on February 12, 2019.

A definite step up from their last two releases, but still average due to production quality, unoriginality, alongside vocals that are quite annoying yet again. The rhythmic structures are more creative than the previous 2 albums, however, the production is such to where it seems like they recorded this in a garage, a tad bit up from that. The aggression factor still remains which is good, though I would've liked to get a lyric sheet enclosed. That was absent so it is hard for me to be able to see if I would be able to at least have a modicum amount on what their concepts are lyrically, not just guessing what the vocals are spewed out, but it's lacking.

About the actual thrash based music, Warbringer sounds like Metallica's "Kill 'Em All" riff-wise and production-wise. The leads were above average, so that's good, though I'm not hearing a whole lot of superior creativity on this release. I think that if the production was tighter, it would've given the album much more justice than what was recorded yet again on this album. The guitars contained an incredible amount of distortion spewed forth in that respect, tempo changes, nothing hostile in terms of drastic changes, but there are points to where you'll hear some clean tone on the songs, not much though.

I think that they were a step up from their previous, though the sound quality just needed to be better. It might've been their aim to have another raw produced output, but I don't care for that. The music wasn't strikingly impressionable, better and more thought out from previous albums, still needs stronger more memorable riffs. Since there were no lyrics coming with the album, it was hard to combine it with the music so it all makes sense in an intelligible aspect. The fact that this was void annoyed me so it wasn't as enjoyable to listen to and be able to identify with. I did appreciate the fact that they're average musicians trying to better themselves.

What was irritating the most were the vocals. They were screaming based, but just got under my skin. I think that they need a replacement if they want listeners to be able to appreciate the music alongside the voice. If they ditch their vocalist and find someone that enhances the quality of what comes out of your speakers, it'd have more people able to enjoy what they've put out with their efforts. I'm not saying change their style of music, just get someone who's a better representation of their thrash metal riffs. All of the songs had their ups and downs in terms of keeping me listening to the album, but I think that they still need to be more creative.

This whole album I think was just generic, musicians pressing to move forward, but still lacking in a sense that they need modification to the songwriting. If a band is looking to stay in this thrash metal genre, be original, don't go after sounds that reflect a lot of influences and sound like them. Yes, all bands have their influences, I'm just saying that the music is just like that of old Metallica with that raw sound. It just is a repeat and continuation with that. This was average thrash metal with music that didn't stick to me at all. I thought a lot about them experimenting, though they still need more originality.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10