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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: June 3rd, 2016
Genre: Thrash
1. Arrogance
2. Theory Of Conspiracy
3. Deception
4. Intolerance Means War
5. Guerra Santa
6. Failed System
8. Surrounded By Serpents
9. Cyberwar
10. Hypocrisy
11. Devastation
12. Wayfarer

Review by Adam M on July 7, 2016.

Nervosa performs a fast brand of thrash. These songs tend to get hectic in a very good manner. They are abrasive and to the point. The riffs come at you quick as lightning.

This isn’t grind, but it does a similar job of creating brief and fast moving music even though the songs are longer than those from that genre. The thrash aspect of the band is in its guitar riffs that are very repetitive and typical of the genre. This is still a bit faster than most thrash, though it is structured somewhat similar to releases by the likes of Slayer, for example. There is simply more pace than a lot of what the genre typically contains, however. This item makes the band stick out within their limits. There is also a heavy hitting aspect to this band’s music. It creates an impact of great proportions. The overall combination of aggressiveness and speed makes for a listen that has enough differences from the typical thrash entry that it is worth listening to on its own merits. The song-writing and musical performances are likewise very solid, though unspectacular. There could be more atmosphere created by the band as well, though the songs are punishing enough. There isn’t much emotional depth to the music as it cruises along at a lightning pace. This brings the quality of the album down slightly because there is a lack of a personal element to the disc.

It is fast paced music that does lack a heart somewhat. Still, with solid song-writing and a listenable approach, this is still a very solid thrash disc. Make sure to check Agony out if you’re a fan of the genre or the grind genre. It will hit you hard and leave you wanting more.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10