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Memento Collider

Norway Country of Origin: Norway

Memento Collider
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: June 3rd, 2016
Genre: Avant-Garde
1. Afield
2. Rogue Fossil
3. Dripping Into Orbit
4. Steamer
5. Gravity Seeker
6. Phantom Oil Slick

Review by Adam M on July 19, 2016.

Virus performs a wired form of avant-garde metal. Their guitar lines seem to be off-tune the entire time, but this is partially what gives them their character. The band takes a high gradient of weirdness into their music, for certain.

These guitar lines are somewhat catchy and take time to uncover the greatness within. They rollick along at a mid-pace, which is again a characteristic of the band. The music is not the most complicated ever for an avant-garde act, but certainly strange enough to be given this tag. This music is comparable to a couple of other bands. It is similar to Code in the somewhat off-kilter tune of the guitars. The science fiction attitude the band has is similar to Voivod, however. There is certainly a spacey vibe to these tracks, which is again akin to the likes of Voivod. Since they are sort of out there, the band is best compared to other acts that differ from the norm. This creates a strange outlook for the band, but this is the mood they are trying to achieve with their music. The problem with this music is that it doesn’t do anything drastically interesting to distance itself within the avant-garde genre. For an avant-garde band, the music is relatively straightforward and doesn’t feature enough of a distinguishing characteristic. The music is certainly interesting, but one could envision it being even more compelling and ground-breaking than it already is. The band sticks to a very similar sound as well, which could have been varied more. Still, the distinctive style of Virus is somewhat addictive and leads to a positive view of the outfit.

People that like the type of music this band performs will be the most entertained with Memento Collider. They might even find more to enjoy with this than I did.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10