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Screaming Mad Gore

Canada Country of Origin: Canada

1. Morbid Curiosity (Intro)
2. Screaming Mad Gore
3. Never Sleep Again
4. Stomped
5. Carnivorous Lunar Activities
6. Fornicating In The Furniture Store
7. Choke On It!
8. Weight Reduction Through Terror
9. Hairspray And Bloodspray
10. Cavity Crawlers
11. From Inside
13. Room 36
14. There Shall Be Nights Of Terror
15. Island Of Death
16. Demons
17. The Tastiest Chili In Texas
18. When Sleeping Bag Meets Tree
19. The Night He Came Home

Review by Tara on September 4, 2016.

Death-thrash that pays homage to sleazy 80s horror/slasher flicks and is chock full of catchy riffs to boot? Yes, please! Screaming Mad Gore is the first full-length from the Canadian gore-obsessed trio known as VHS and a mighty impressive one at that.

The simple song structures and their shorter than average length are what makes Screaming Mad Gore easy to digest and wholly enjoyable. But don't let those short song lengths fool you. Each track is packed with a mega chunky punch of blood soaked thrash that will capture your attention and leave you wanting more!

Based on how much fun it is to listen to, this album will surely be a contender for my top ten/top twenty albums of 2016. The artwork, song titles and lyrical content ooze with 80s horror slasher goodness. It would be hard for anyone who doesn't enjoy those things to not love the hell out of VHS. Screaming Mad Gore rules!

Stand out tracks: Hairspray and Bloodspray, Room 36, When Sleeping Bag Meets Tree (just for the title alone - LOL!)

Rating: 8 out of 10