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Fire From The Soul

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Fire From The Soul
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: July 4th, 2016
Genre: Hard Rock
2. The Way It Used To Be
3. Fighting In The Street
4. No One Can Save Me
5. Any Day
6. Man Without A Face
7. Fire From The Soul
8. Spark To Start A Fire
9. Love Child (Bonus Track)
10. Sooner Or Later
11. Rondo Alla Turca (Mozart / arr. Glass)
12. One Of These Days

Review by JD on September 5, 2016.

It is nice to see a band with such a history, come out of nowhere to kick your ass handily while giving you a hard rock history lesson for free. The band I speak of, oddly endearing , has resurfaced to claim hard rock glory. This is Germany’s hidden gems Epitaph.

Formed in 1969, Epitaph was being described as a psychedelic progressive rock band with jazzy sort of leanings. The band became quite the celebrities through the country, opening for big acts like Black Sabbath and prog gods Yes. As time moved on, along with multiple line-up changes and long break ups as well, the music went more hard rock that then morphed into early style of metal. Now the elder statesmen of the music have unleashed a new album for your pleasures.

With a sound set firmly in the hard rock of the 70’s, upgraded a little towards the harder rock of the very early 80’s, it all ends up sounding very fresh - Epitaph launches into it. Using violins along with the standard hard rock instruments the band gives an eclectic sound that fits the music perfectly. Songs like the infectious riff of 'Fighting in the Streets', to the Styx styled rocker 'Man without a Face', they bring the style of old hard rock to newer audiences.

The album itself does sound dated in many spots, but that is the purposeful charm of it as the material does translate well to today’s hard rockers. It is worth a listen, but it will not be for everyone sadly – but we can learn from these veterans nonetheless. It is a time capsule of a sort, the trick is to allow ourselves to embrace the melodies that it all holds.

Rating: 8 out of 10