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Machina Viva

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

Machina Viva
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: July 8th, 2016
Genre: Progressive
1. The Bedlam Overture
2. Machina
3. Pile Of Ash (ES335 version)
4. Our Last Goodbye
5. Pledge
6. When The Night Comes
7. Nemesis
8. Sheds
9. Pile Of Ash (cello version)

Review by Adam M on October 28, 2016.

Wolverine performs a take on progressive metal that is moody and subtle. It is very atmospheric in nature. The last album Communication Lost started this move towards the more gentle atmospheres and this album finds the band fully delving into the more relaxed nature. This is a positive trait for the band as they are able to craft memorable and moving songs in this mode.

There are many times when the morose nature of the songs completely envelops the listener and allows them to become enraptured by the music. There are several interesting song developments to be found and don’t think the more relaxed nature of the music prevents it from having complexity. In fact, this music is very adventurous in nature. It is able to craft large dynamic changes that are a wonder to behold throughout. We know the band is taking things in an interesting direction when they start with the absolute longest track on the album. The remainder of the tracks follow up in an emotive mood. There are also several memorable moments to be found here. One only has to listen to the track Machina to hear some of the more catchy parts that one can commit to their memory. The nice feelings of this song carry into the rest of the work and make it a memorable one. Although this isn’t overly original when taken together with their last album, the band has been perfecting their use of atmosphere and it shows through time and time again.

In terms of musical performances, there is plenty to like here. The vocals are some of the most moving in progressive music, with a distinct link to the moods the band creates. The guitars are gentle and soothing, but have enough drive to push the music forward. Machina Viva really is another stunning collection of songs by the band and highly recommended to fans of progressive music.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10