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Violent By Nature

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Violent By Nature
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: March 23rd, 1990
Label: Roadracer Records
Genre: Thrash
1. Puppies And Friends
2. Violent By Nature
3. In Their Eyes
4. Too Late To Change
5. Slipped Through The Cracks
6. Forgotten But Not Gone
7. Process Of Elimination
8. Right To Die
9. Things Change

Review by Felix on March 26, 2024.

Atrophy's second strike looked like a true copy of their debut. Normally, the successor of a first album shows more or less significant changes, either in terms of style or in terms of quality. Or at least with regard to the production. Yet in relation to "Violent by Nature", this is absolutely not the case. Atrophy still play their well produced, energetic and juvenile style of thrash metal. Do not understand the word "copy" in the first sentence as a negative assessment. The songs are fresh and pretty infectious, they just run in the same direction as those of "Socialized Hate". Indeed, "Violent by Nature" is neither more heavy nor more progressive than its predecessor. It's another (very) good thrash album, no more, no less.

Once again, the band has not released a milestone, but songs like the slowly growing "Too Late to Change", the catchy "Slipped Through the Cracks", the desperate "Right to Die" or the sinister and aggressive "Process of Elimination" enliven every metal party. Just put the needle on the vinyl carefully and thrash metal takes its course. The songs have a good flow, the necessary diversity is achieved with great ease and throwaway tracks have been obviously removed during the recording process. Harshness and musicality stand in an appropriate relation to each other and the album gives no indication that this would be the last sign of life of the talented group. Quite the opposite, the intelligent guys seemed to stand at the threshold to a bright future. Unfortunately, things went different.

In spite of all similarities, there is a little difference between the songs of "Violent by Nature" and those of the debut. A small number of the new pieces, in particular those of the second third, reveal a thoughtful facet of the guys. Some soft tones show up without giving the full-length a restrained character. It's just a subtle hint that Atrophy intended to broaden their spectrum cautiously. Anyway, these songs have enough power to be categorized as thrash metal and they are aligned with the remarkable lyrics. Many bands have "socio-critical" texts, or they just call their lyrics "socio-critical" while yelling pretty nonsensical lines like "F**k the Police". Everybody wants to be an outsider, because it goes without saying that the system is nothing else but a cold machinery of inhumanity and yada yada yada. Atrophy prefer to see things from a different angle. "Although things aren't perfect / They're trying their best / The choice is left up to you" is the key message of guitarist Lykins and this ode to self-responsibility is really unpopular, but exceptional and simply true. Well, the lyrics of "In Their Eyes" are a little bit kitschy, because they describe, seen through the eyes of children, an idealized picture of the world. Yet all in all, this text is also okay, because the band does not close its eyes to the real situation.

Summing up, it is a fact that Atrophy's second album offers all advantages of mid-harsh thrash metal. Enjoy the right degree of velocity, sharp riffs, technically clever solos, an industrious double bass, well arranged choruses and acceptable vocals that do not play the main role. The absence of any form of experiments does not indicate a lack of excitement, because the precise guitar work shapes a lively and energetic record which still sounds unconsumed.

Rating: 7.7 out of 10