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A Vicious Circle

Greece Country of Origin: Greece

A Vicious Circle
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: July 26th, 2013
Label: Independent
Genre: Death, Melodic, Metalcore
1. The Final Sunlight
2. Existence
3. Wrong Sense Of Power
5. The Dive
6. Rejecting The Parasites
7. House Of Violence
8. Destroy The Day, Destroy The Night
9. For Those Face The Fear

Review by JD on December 19, 2016.

Greece is has been a good developing ground for metal for a while now (Black Sun, Distorted Force, etc). Many good bands have been coming out, generating a buzz in the metal world community and making inroads into the international stage.

Greek based Endsight plays what could be said is a melding of melodic death metal and Metalcore, in the vein of Killswitch Engage and At the Gates. On the surface, seems to be a modern based outfit with all of the right stuff to be a contender in the newer side of metal, but in hearing the album, it simply fizzles and comes to a thankful stop.

Shoddy production that fails to even start to be for a metal band, lackluster musicianship that struggles to find anything remotely original - couple that with a uninspired vocalist that is monotone - it seems Endsight has many problems and most of them they have choose to make. The entire album is a fight for even a hint of consistency, along with a poorly regurgitated Killswitch riffs. Not one track stands out as even good, nor does any of it make any step towards trying.

Putting this review to bed, if you want good metalcore/death metal find it elsewhere. Endsight needs to either restructure and get better, or get out of the music business. I go for the last choice, and urge them to do it NOW!! This is shit, was shit and never will be nothing else but a steaming pile of manure that begs to have it put out of its misery for the sake of metal in general.

Rating: 1 out of 10