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...And The Soul Goes On

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

...And The Soul Goes On
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: March 18th, 2016
Genre: Dark
1. Rain
2. Fragment #2
3. All Forgotten Times
4. Every Little Thing
5. Fragment #2
6. The Hunters
7. Hope And Fear Revisited
8. A Distant View
9. Fragment #3
10. Wrapped In Ice
11. Higher Heaven
12. The Soul Goes On
13. This Silent Sea
14. Endless Sea

Review by JD on December 22, 2016.

I am not quite up on the genres of dark/cold wave but I guess I will have a chance to know from a German band that seemed to have pioneered this style, Remain in Silence.

The German based band seems to have been around since the early 80’s, combining new age with a marked darker sort of approach to things and creating a whole new sort of movement. They seem to have a solid cult following at home and in other European countries, but seem to have had many stints away from the music over the years since.

Remain in Silence is defiantly not metal or able to be put into any of its varying subgenres so I go into it with an open mind of a musician with thirty years of playing, since they did submit their work to be reviewed. What I got was this bland version of 80’s new wave on a heavy prescription of downer trying while trying desperately to be poetic. With no energy to it and very minimal melody, it was like a very band imitation of Bob Dylan stuck in 1983 hell with bad musicians and even worse ideas. I liked some new wave acts back in the day, but this was in no way good.

Remain in Silence may have submitted to the wrong site here, but it does not change my mind, this is not music I can like, nor can appreciate in any way. I love many types of music as well as most forms of metal (classical, blues, rock/hard rock and new age are some), but this album is neither very good nor worthy of the words here. If you might be into the dark/cold wave, go at it and enjoy… for me, it’s just bad 80’s new wave that needs to be left back in that decade.

Musicianship: 1
Atmosphere: 0
Production: 0
Originality: 0
Overall: 0

Rating: 0.2 out of 10