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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: June 10th, 2016
Genre: Atmospheric, Progressive, Shoegaze
1. Incandescent
3. Resin
4. Violence
5. Homesick
6. Tin Foil Hats
7. Air
8. Obsolete
9. Trail Of Sulfur

Review by Adam M on January 13, 2017.

Astronoid play a very airy form of metal that is easy to listen to. The music here floats by at a nice rate that is never too quick for the listener. It is therefore a very accessible release that has beautiful music on it.

The songs float on a landscape that is very appropriate of both the band and the album title. It makes for a gentle experience that is nice and easy to handle, much like Alcest. The music is still somewhat complex in its relaxed nature and has plenty of dynamic shifts and changes. The band performs a style of music here that is one of a kind and very different. There is certainly not something from 2016 that sounds exactly like it and this is a huge compliment to the band. They are performing niche music to the highest possible degree and succeeding nicely. There has to be a lot said for the use of a gentle style to make for a very mellow and emotional album. The atmosphere the band creates is strong and gripping in nature. It is something that is hard to categorize, but very easy to listen to. How is the album heavy metal? Well, there is a heavy enough aura to the band and the speed they place is at a moderate pace. Therefore, the music does qualify as heavy metal. One would wish the band would step out of its comfort zone a little bit and produce something more ethereal. This is a minor quibble and the band has more going for it than not.

The music is somewhat progressive in nature, but simplistic enough to maintain the interest of the listener. The balance the band has achieved is very strong. Air is a neat album that an open-minded listener should enjoy greatly.

Rating: 8 out of 10