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Poland Country of Origin: Poland

1. Genocide
2. Schism
3. Message To M.A.R.I.O.
4. Non Adapted Socially
5. Panic In A Sea Of Blood
6. Inflow (Thought From Outside)
7. Non Typical Homo
8. Rapist's Victim
9. Sentence (To Die)
10. Temptation Of A Crime
11. Murderer (You Are)
12. Living Bomb

Review by Krys on March 10, 2003.

I haven't been in Poland for many years now but one thing is certain, mushrooms must have grown much stronger in local forests since my last visit. Death metal was always a favorite flavor of young Polish musicians but an explosion of world class acts in recent years can only be compared to the best years of Florida's assault. Without listing the names of bands that I'm sure every fan of this genre is well familiar I'll prove my point by introducing you to the 3rd (some people might argue that it's 4th) chapter of Yattering's world demolition "Genocide".

I don't want to dive into Yattering's problems with Massive Management or their previous record label Season Of Mist but after listening to "Genocide" I'm sure both of those institutions would love to have this release under their belt. For people not familiar with situation let's just say that things got so bad between interested parties that "Genocide" is actually Yattering's 4th record but since "III" has not seen the light and might never will for now let's call this album their 3rd one. Fortunately Candlelight came to the rescue and maniacs of limitless, eerie, technical death metal must be eternally grateful. With "Genocide" Yattering combined all best elements of today's Polish scene and created their best work to date. 'Weirdness' of Lux Occulta, technical precision of Decapitated, Vader' s muscle and Behemoth's aggression can all be found here creating one unforgettable listening experience.

Not that the experience is painless, oh no. "Genocide" can leave you breathless with its complexity, it can congest you brain with it's heaviness or it can just simply beat the shit out of you if you're brave enough to last through all 12 tracks. Complex tempo changes, skull crushing guitars, sinister effects, top notch musicianship and plenty of whoop ass guarantees "Genocide" as one of the most complex and brutal death metal releases of our times.

Bottom Line: Based on track 'Message to M.A.R.I.O.' I have to thank you Mario (I assume Mariusz Kmiolek ex-manager of the band or Michael Berberian Season of Mist's owner) for great inspiration to one of the greatest releases of brutal death metal the world have seen in years.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 10
Atmosphere: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 9
Overall: 10

Rating: 9.2 out of 10