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Darkness Remains

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Darkness Remains

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: April 21st, 2017
Genre: Heavy
2. Hallowed Ground
3. Maiden Hell
4. Stranger In The Room
5. Life On The Run
6. Dawn Rider
7. Black Widow
8. On Your Own
9. Flight Of The Manticore
10. Darkness Remains

Review by Adam M on May 16, 2017.

Night Demon performs a very traditional take on the heavy metal genre. This echoes the first couple of Iron Maiden albums quite nicely. The guitar riffs come straight from that time period and lay waste to all of the surroundings. This style is an interesting one because it has that classic feeling wrapped all over it. Songs are uplifting and rousing in nature. The music is a feel good approach to metal and brings with it a lot of addicted listeners.

Black Widow is a highlight with it’s rollicking nature. There are many highlights to be found on this disc, however. It’s simply a well put together collection of songs that doesn’t get old. There are so many golden moments here that recall the classic days that it’s difficult not to like the proceedings. The musical performances are all solid. The vocalist recalls Paul Di’Anno from Iron Maiden. Guitar riffs are juicy and nicely become memorable in fine fashion. Drumming is solid, but nothing spectacular. Together the musical elements make for an exciting thing to behold. The fault of the disc lies in its unoriginality. People have already heard music like this in the past and it’s questionable whether it’s done as well here as even the Killers album, for example. However, there aren’t many albums that sound like this and this album thus fills a niche nicely.  It’s something that fills a need within the metal genre and this makes the album more commendable. Especially since the song writing is rather good, there isn’t much to fault with this disc.

Darkness Remains makes for a great throwback to the classics and one must partake in this moment. There are a couple of not too necessary cover tracks that finish off the recording and aren’t as strong as the band’s original pieces, which is a slightly questionable way to finish the recording. The originals are so good that you’ll forget about this, however.

Overall: 7.6 out of 10