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United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Sodden Jackal
2. Punk Crusher
4. Haywire
5. Perseverance Of Futility
6. It's Only Money (Thin Lizzy Cover)
7. Cold Blood
8. Stranger Things
9. Razor Wire
10. My Daughter My Sons
11. Be The Night
12. Interlude

Review by Adam M on April 18, 2017.

The Obsessed have a nice take on the doom genre. They perform the traditional type of this music and it has very crunchy riffs. The music here is much like the Black Sabbath style that was adopted earlier.

The guitar riffs are deep and will enamour you greatly. The type of music Black Sabbasth played is a good style to copy and this band performs it in spades. This similar kind of music can be seen from the track Perseverance of Futility which is a very effective barn burner of traditional doom. Elsewhere a number of groovy riffs are performed and make for a treat of doom metal to behold, such as in the nice track Stranger Things. There isn’t anything particularly original on display which makes for my complaint with the album. It sounds like music that was already performed in a heyday and doesn’t surpass the classics. Still, it’s about as good as you’re going to get without surpassing the classics. The room is filled with a number of solid downtrodden doom riffs that are appealing and grand. The guitar work is the most important part of the musicianship and it performs its role quite well. The drumming comes in the background and holds things together. The vocals of Wino are brilliantly gloomy and take place on top of the remainder of the material. All in all, this is effective doom and this can be seen by how catchy the guitars are. One has the need to re-listen to the music again after hearing it and this is the highest compliment I can give it.

For the doom genre, there is a lot like here and it makes for a disc with great replay value. However, it doesn’t do anything particularly interesting or original for the genre. Weigh the positives and negatives to see if you want to listen to Sacred, but nevertheless it is recommended.

Rating: 7.4 out of 10