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Flesh Torn - Spirit Pierced

Greece Country of Origin: Greece

Flesh Torn - Spirit Pierced

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: April 15th, 2018
Genre: Black
1. Ten Repellent Antiforces
2. Necrolatry
4. Mental Glimpses At Cosmic Horrors
5. Saturnian Death Cult
6. Sons Of Worthlessness
7. Towards The Monolith
8. Raging Tides Of Time

Review by Felix on May 22, 2019.

Nigredo consists of two members and one of them is the lead vocalist of Ravencult. I mention this right at the beginning, because there is no big distance between these two heralds of the musical Armageddon. Nigredo's blackened thrash metal has almost the same degree of fury. Especially the jagged riffing and the pretty apocalyptic overall scenario reveal the musical origin of "A.". By the way, this guy holds the lion's share of the creation of this album, because he sings, plays guitar and bass. His battle-tested companion is no absolute beginner as well. Take a look at his list at M-A, he has obviously already killed a drum kit in each and every Greek extreme metal formation. Therefore, I am not listening to awkward tunes; the experience of the duo shimmers through the compositions during the entire playtime. The powerful and punchy production reflects the clear vision of the artists as well. It is certainly no coincidence that Flesh Torn - Spirit Pierced provides a sound which lies in close proximity to Ravencult. Its mix holds the same degree of pressure, vileness and evil.

Nevertheless, the here presented debut does not reach the quality standard of the full-lengths of the big brother. The material is exciting, but less outstanding. So, what are the minor deficiencies of the album? On the one hand, the tunes lack this black catchiness which gilds the highlights of Ravencult ("The Nightsky Codex" just marks the most obvious example.) On the other hand, they fail to fully achieve the same level of currishness and do not generate this extremely acrid taste that makes Ravencult unique, at least in my humble opinion. The band is not running out of ideas and it presents a lot of fierce and ferocious sections, but there are not many tracks that force me to press the repeat button. The single parts are mostly well designed and breathtaking, but the overall picture of a complete track is, despite its stable and robust pattern, sometimes slightly difficult. It is therefore definitely not impossible, but hard to find access to the individual songs. Nevertheless, they spread constantly bitter vibrations and do not hesitate to destroy anything that stands in their way. The trail of devastation shows vast proportions, no doubt about it. 

Every now and then, very mean riffs close the gap between Nigredo and the other band I have already mentioned different times. I am speaking of the opening guitar of "Mental Glimpses at Cosmic Horrors", for example. The first guitar notes are like a venomous snake that waits for its victim and the entire song has some very racy riffs to enjoy. Moreover, both the opener and the closer bring the potential of Nigredo to light without following another approach than the other pieces. Thus, there are at least three tracks that catapult the duo on the level of perfection. However, all songs bite, scratch and spit, it's just a matter of taste which one you like most. Either way, one needs a certain affinity for quite complex tunes that do not intend to be everybody's darling. Nigredo are looking for true supporters of very grim black thrash and they do not make any type of compromise. And that's a good thing, because while doing so, they create a nihilistic, hermetically sealed and brutal work. If they find more coherent song arrangements in the future, they will be a real challenge for the mighty Ravencult. In the meantime, they are another great band that reinforces the prospering Greek scene.

Rating: 8.4 out of 10