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Igne Natura Renovatur Integra

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

1. Call All Your Angels
2. Bliźni Mój
3. Become A God-Man
4. Abstrakt
5. I.N.R.I.
7. The Agony Of Breath
8. In Embrace Of Sanity
9. The Thruth Shall Be Told

Review by Alex on May 3, 2018.

Whenever I see the term “avant-garde” besides black metal, my initial thoughts are this could either be really good or really bad, there is no in between. Igne Natura Renovatur Integra appears to be mostly groovy black metal (I'm using the term 'black metal' loosely) fused with some clean singing, memorable tremolo picking and guitar riffs for the entirety of its 52 minutes. It is consisted mostly of hateful misanthropic and blasphemous lyrics but is plagued with melancholic touches rhythmically on almost all the tracks including a full-blown whiny song titled “The Agony of Breath”. Tell me why the depressive rubbish? Just why? I was enjoying the misanthropic rage until the melancholic weeping started creeping in. Why ruin what could have been a furiously walloping piece of work by adding the tears to songs that started so viciously. I hate that there so many mournful moments on the album.

There are times on the album that sound as though the band is about to go full blown Jet Lee on the listener but then regresses into a corner, fold its arms and “bahhhhh” (e.g I.N.R.I). There is a good blend of diversity thus giving credit to the ‘avant-garde’ label they have attached to their style of “black metal”. There are moments on Igne Natura Renovatur Integra which give off a hard rock impression and even some 80s “hair metal” sounding riffs emerge as you listen to the album; e.g on “The Hammer and The Nails” which thankfully happens to be the only track that isn't plagued with tears, flexes more muscle and poses triumphantly unlike the other songs. The overall composition of the “The Hammer and The Nails” reminds me of something I’ve heard on Dark Fortress’s ‘Ylem’ a few years ago. 

Though Igne Natura Renovatur Integra does not possess all the elements that appeal to my understanding of black metal, the music played is incredibly rhythmic and well worth the listen by anyone that enjoys this style of metal and isn't picky about having onion rings on their pizza. Misanthropic Rage does a fine job of combining various styles from diverse periods within the metal genre. Igne Natura Renovatur Integra has all of the formalities of 2nd wave black metal (sound wise), so there is no need to worry about the music being distant from the stagnant formula. As stated before this isn't in my lane, nonetheless, I have no choice but to evaluate the music highly due to its excellent consistency and superb quality.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10