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The Blinding Light Of Faith

United Kingdom Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Review by Alex on May 12, 2018.

De Profundis with The Blinding Light of Faith gives the listener/s many insertions of pleasure in the drumming, vocal and guitar departments respectively. They showcase an above decent blend of melodic death elements, black metal, jazz and even some calypso (see “Godforsaken” for calypso) whilst providing very insightful lyrics. The ever-changing rhythmic configurations of the music throughout the album are very pleasing to the ear on The Blinding Light of Faith, there is never a monotonous moment on the record. At first when I gave The Blinding Light of Faith my first thorough listen I thought to myself, it was too repetitive. That’s only because I was listening to it on volume that wasn't high enough to display key aspects vividly. I decided to revisit the record and turn the volume up a notch; it was in that moment every shining aspect of De Profundis’ music began to pour forth before me. Lush guitar riffing and soloing, classy controlled drumming, well pitched and enunciated vocals and tons of semi-technical memorable moments. 

There’s no filler for the entirety of its 42 minutes playtime. Every implemented element holds a great deal of purpose and is confidently conveyed to the listener; thus warranting positive praiseworthy feedback. The final track “Bringer of Light” for me is the meshing ingredient of The Blinding Light of Faith. It ’s groovy and melodic start firmly slaps a purchase approval sticker on the cheeks of anyone in doubt. It's 7 minutes in length and features many varieties of music that intertwine neatly with each other and mingles within the listeners' memory. The replay-ability on this 7-minute masterpiece is high. It aggregates the album instrumentally and lyrically as it prepares to make its elegant exit. 

The production is clean on The Blinding Light of Faith, every instrument and vocal uttered can be heard clearly. This offering is for any devotee of melodic/black/technical/death metal that doesn’t mind tiny sprouts of foreign influences in the mix. 

‘The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge’ ‘‘Godforsaken’’- De Profundis

Rating: 8.3 out of 10