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Denmark Country of Origin: Denmark

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: March 16th, 2018
Label: LongLife Records
Genre: Black, Death

Review by Tomek on March 25, 2018.

Crocell has seemingly been around for a long time, but to me they’re brand new. I just got their newest album Relics in my hands and have been spinning the disc on repeat for the better part of my day yesterday and today. They formed in Aarhus, Denmark around 2007, have recorded four full length albums prior to this one and play solid death metal that is very much to my liking. I had to listen to some of their previous works to form some frame of reference before writing this review, and to my delight I’ve found out that they actually have most of their discography posted on their bandcamp page. If this review will interest you in the band then visit: to check out their other work. But for now let’s concentrate on Relics.

At first I thought that the album's opening track, ‘Black Death Redemption,’ is one of the best tracks on the album, but after listening to the album numerous times I can say that there are no weak songs on here. The following ‘Once Called Slaves’, ‘Conqueror’s Tyranny’ and ‘Tombworld’ are also packed with tons of relentless death metal riffs and such intense speed and fury that it’s almost scary. The rest of the tracks attack with no less ferocity and a rapidness that get the blood rushing faster and quickens the pulse. All of them have this ominous character or feel that gets under your skin, demands attention and presents a feeling of uneasiness. Relics is a fast and furious beast, and it is loaded with some seriously intense death metal with malevolent undertones; it is not only recorded superbly, but also arranged well and played with genuine passion. The whole album has this feeling of being very dark and violent, and all that happens was methodically premeditated and it tries to bring a certain type of reaction to the listener. I believe that reaction to be perturbed anxiousness, and in my case they achieved and possibly reached their quota for the year.

To my surprise, the album ends with 'World at Its End', which is an instrumental piece that calms things and closes the album nicely. It makes you think about the whole message of this album, the aura of darkness and the feeling of ‘no future for this world.’ At the same time it gives a little bit of hope for all those that just went through the album and were crushed with its malicious heaviness and wicked atmosphere and somehow endured. It makes you appreciate being a survivor and mischievously invites you for another bloodcurdling ride.

Crocell Relics is an fascinating listen, and at this point I already know that I will be going back to this one often. The energy and atmosphere that this album brings are not easy to find in the oversaturated metal market, so if fast and unforgiving death metal is something that you are searching for I recommend clicking on the link up there in the first paragraph and finding out how relentless this album is yourself. When you are there you may as well get your own CD from the band and crank it up loud to let your neighbors know how much you like it!!

Rating: 8 out of 10