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Turn Loose The Swans

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Turn Loose The Swans

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 1994
Label: Futurist
Genre: Doom
2. Your River
3. The Songless Bird
4. The Snow In My Hand
5. The Crown Of Sympathy
6. Turn Loose The Swans
7. Black God

Review by Jack on July 11, 2001.

Every band has one; an identifiable album that you would recommend to a potential new fan. Emperor’s “Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk”, Dimmu Borgir’s “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant”, Cannibal Corpse’s “Tomb of the Mutilated”, or if your good enough an entire plethora of quality releases; Opeth and Katatonia. 1993 was My Dying Bride’s year to shine with “Turn Loose the Swans”.

As one can tell from the rather, perhaps comically phrased title, “Turn Loose the Swans” was going to be something different, something rather special in the band’s long history. That would be a good assumption, but it’s not quite the case. “Turn Loose the Swans” was ‘the’ doom album of the year, if not the album of the year. Combining the talents of 6 lads from the British Isles, (7 if you include the female vocals of Zena on the track ‘Black God’) to make an album that is not weak in any respect whatsoever. Each track is lovingly handcrafted from the hands of musical geniuses. And in 1993 this album is something of a landmark to doom fans allover the globe.

The album picks up speed and leads the listener through just under an hour’s worth of epic doom/gothic metal production. Violins are abound throughout the record, and really add to “Turn Loose the Swans” gloomy, doomy atmosphere. There is no weak track here, all are amazing. My favourites are, ‘Sear Me MCMXCIII’ and ‘Your River’ which are probably My Dying Bride’s strongest tracks ever. Simply a breathtaking album, that will leave you speechless, as you bathe in its wake.

Bottom Line: My Dying Bride’s finest. “Turn Loose the Swans” is essential listening to any interested in somber, poetic music that covers all areas of the metal spectrum. Their best album and will become one of your best too.

Rating: 9 out of 10