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Vorant Gnosis

New Zealand Country of Origin: New Zealand

1. Vorant
2. Gnosis

Review by Alex on September 15, 2018.

2 tracks totaling 32 minutes of black/death metal playtime is what this New Zealand based breed of blasphemers have summoned during the incantation. Here is something else I'm pleased to add to my wanted list in which seems to be growing by the day. Released through Pulverised Records is a potent stew of black/death metal that has welcomed the influence of death/doom into its maze of corruption. The artwork is the force behind this review. Had I not taken a lengthy stare upon the enigmatic and beautiful drawing I would be reviewing something else. 

There are two tracks on Vorant Gnosis , “Vorant” and “Gnosis”, so much for the song titles. They both are respectively diverse but share the influence of death/doom metal in the black/death metal formula. The ferocity and intensity of them both is truly something to be adored. I'm almost reminded of Lykheaon’s 2018 Ep Ominous Eradication of Anguished Souls that is similar in some aspects such as album length and the amount of vigor expelled. Vehemence, check, skillful use of doom metal sections on both tracks, check, and the will to successfully experiment with the sound without damaging the record sonically, check. The brawling vocals on the record parade around the war themed sounding tracks, while the drums boomerang back and forth between the traditional “war” metal and death/doom styles of playing. The guitar notes are gracefully picked on slower parts of the record such as on the 21 minute colossal display of speed and dirge in the form of “Gnosis”. It binds various forms of musical techniques to craft one coherent sculpture of might and chaos. 

For an Ep this can easily be categorized as a full length album that has exceed the standards set by many bands within the genre. To some degree I'm not surprised this monstrosity emerged from the underbelly of New Zealand’s black/death metal scene. Being so close to Australia and vice versa has contaminated the breeding grounds of acts sharing the same space; such being Grave Upheaval and Impetuous Ritual etc. The communion is real and they all seem to give their best whenever they are met with the challenge of pleasing the masses and lifting their musical capabilities to new heights within the genre. I hope this is merely an appetizer that is preparing us for a black/death metal butchering to come. Discovering this has made me eager to examine Verberis' earlier material. 

Rating: 8.2 out of 10