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A Ghost

Belarus Country of Origin: Belarus

1. Haunting And Mourning
2. Gruesome Exhumation

Review by Alex on August 20, 2018.

A disturbingly dirty dose of raw black metal is Pa Vesh En’s A Ghost. Both noisy and eldritch this 2 track Ep is. The finalized blueprint of Pa Vesh En’s sound and musical direction is here in 14 minutes of unholiness. The murky landscapes, lofi production, cryptic messages and evil vocal tones all accumulate to what the one man project from Belarus has produced henceforth. As to who exactly is responsible for this debauched project still remains unknown. The mystery surrounding Pa Vesh En increases with every release; and with a full-length album on the horizon, a new veil will be placed over the already hidden identity of Pa Vesh En

“Haunting and Mourning” has an audible resemblance of grief and dread merged. The guitars have a very despondent sound whilst the echoing drum snare and cymbal synthesis elicits a fearful presence. The pacing of the song is mostly slow and leeches off the indistinct production, thus complementing both depressive and ominous instrumentation. “Gruesome Exhumation” sees Pa Vesh En explore death/doom territory more openly. The guitar tone is emphasized and brought forward in an attempt to portray the scene a track titled such would have; and to be honest, "Gruesome Exhumation" sounds like a typical death metal song title, so there is no surprise here except for how well it was executed. 

The musical effort on A Ghost matched with the tenebrous artwork provides the listener with a modicum of what lurks within the cellar of this arcane force.

Rating: 6.6 out of 10