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Cinereous Incarnate

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Nether
2. Cinereous
4. Wings Of Annihilation
5. Incarnate
6. Devouring Night

Review by Alex on July 4, 2018.

Having little to no knowledge about Abstracter who hail from The United States of America, I ventured forth into their realms only to enslave myself to the sound of the ghoulish growls emerging from their cavern. Light your candles and get ready for a deep meditative blackened/crust/sludge/doom/death metal marvel.

Cinereous Incarnate is time consuming but highly enjoyable, all credit to the six sublime spells that attack with purpose at the centrifugal zone of the listeners base chakra. "Nether" is just too fucking immense to give an accurate account of musically; it's the wonder work featured on Cinereous Incarnate, it's the key inscription to the black scriptures uttered in terrifying tongue. Gigantic guitar and drum co-ordinance drive and direct the pace whilst the overwhelmingly ominous vocals coat the aura that accurately aligns each tempo change with the required level of enunciation. The swarming sound of the scathing guitar distortion and the meaty drum snare, cymbals and pedals throughout the album invokes feelings of chest pounding dominance, might and confidence but in strange contrast also attacks the weak and feeble with its protuberant pummeling. When the guitars drag the notes and the rest of the band follows you get some of the best doom metal sections you will ever hear. 

The intermissions provided to reinforce the dark atmospheric effect does work, though I did feel that it was unnecessary due to the stellar music that had already captured and maintained that aspect whilst traversing paths of doom/death and black metal. The 4 songs are lengthy indeed but the ability showcased by Abstracter to bend the framework and alter the posture thus taking the shape of mixed and multi layered compositions suspended any repetition that may have threatened the climax of any track. In the effort to establish trance on Cinereous Incarnate Abstracter sacrificed some segments that would have greatly benefited from a guitar solo or two. Luckily the trance compensated for this absence as it is sometimes barely noticeable to the listener as a result of the interchanging tempos occurring in each song and throughout the album. 

With most of the music emphasizing immersion, you never want to cease listening for any amount of time or reason because Cinereous Incarnate feels like a ritual that brings matter into existence from nothingness; it takes the smallest grain and builds as you listen in awe and wonder what will be the final result. Abstracter executed this quality surgically, sonically and scholarly. Loud and clear is the production that beholds the listener's ear; it rests like a leech on the sound waves generated by the instruments, thus injecting each pulse delivered with a scribe of memorability. Cinereous Incarnate is 43 minutes in length but feels like a 40 minute single; this can be attributed to the tiny similarities in each song that bares resemblance of being extracted from a prototype composition, then improvised and modified. This is the kind of album that reflects true effort and dedication, it screams thunderously in the ever growing death/doom genre and exhibits a discernible identity. Death/doom fanatics will devour this stalking excrecential creature and still crave more. 

Rating: 9 out of 10