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Remnants Of Expansion

Finland Country of Origin: Finland

1. Arrow Of Entropy
2. The Withering Titan
3. Remnants Of Expansion
4. Entrailed To The Breaking Wheel
5. Transfixed

Review by Alex on November 11, 2018.

Krypts revealed itself to me by chance as I was browsing the internet one evening. I don't remember what I was seeking at the time but I do recall the feeling of hearing Unending Degradation for the first time and being awed by the immensity of its sound-scape. Immediately after enveloping myself in the misshaped yet marvelous crypt of KryptsUnending Degradation I sought out more from the band, and to my elated surprise, Remnants of Expansion was made available via Bandcamp to delve into. What Krypts did with Remnants of Expansion was take the doom elements of Unending Degradation and expand on it (pun intended). Imagine a world in which possibility is boundless and is overlooked by a looming body of ancient matter organizing and dismantling life forms when required. Remnants of Expansion takes the listener from earth to a realm beyond the cosmos, somewhere shattered by the hands of time but still manages to exist independently whilst repairing itself, whilst expanding its reach in an attempt to swallow everything it makes contact with during the process of extension and proliferation.

Krypts has a very ominous sound to their music and on Remnants of Expansion we see the band place more depth into an already abysmal form of composition. The opening track “Arrow of Entropy” is so heavy that my bass speakers actually shook the pictures and ornaments in my home. Some of the ornaments almost fell from the cabinet and walls as I was listening to the song. It’s such a loudly mixed and penetrating album that once it begins to play you can feel the bass from the speakers worming through your body. Why not just lower the volume one? one might ask; because “All Men Play on 10”. The title track is such a killer interlude that it should have been full song instead, such a killer track how the distorted guitars lead into that creepy melodic section; man Krypts are fucking amazing, they know how to get the atmosphere right. “Entrailed to the breaking Wheel” is a scoop of the darkest most laborious piece of cosmic matter that they just throw in your direction carelessly after such a malicious interval. It delivers the message easily and sets up the tone for the final dose of incomprehensible matter in the form of “Transfixed”. It's an excellent closure to the crepuscular custom witnessed. Here Krypts picks up the speed in a headbanging fury. The album is only 31 minutes in length nut possessed enough give satisfaction to any listener.

Compared to Unending Degradation which was more death metal than doom; here the music leans unremittingly towards the doom and that’s a good thing in my books. After hearing the 2013 release I felt as though they would be more effective if it was brought forward. That album was more groovy and only hinted at doom metal when presented. Unexpectedly Krypts decided to go in that desired direction with Remnants of Expansion which in turn resulted in a more vigorous and comprehensive release than the previous, which was not bad by any means, it just showcased the bands potential to a point of needed implementation. I'm happy to own Remnants of Expansion on 12’’ vinyl, its a release that every death/doom connoisseur needs to have, its essential listening. I hope a new record is in the works or even completed at the time of writing this review. Remnants of Expansion is a solid piece of work but there seems to be much more Krypts are capable of doing with this doom/death metal style. They have their feet firmly planted on the soil of the genre; their next crushing step is highly anticipated to the point of growing impatience.

Fragments of the bolide:

  • "Arrow of Entropy"
  • "The Withering Titan"
  • "Transfixed"

Rating: 8 out of 10