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Death - Principle

Finland Country of Origin: Finland

Death - Principle

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: November 23rd, 2018
Genre: Death
1. Inverted Rapture
2. Swinelord Of Devouring And Fuckin
4. Pestchrist
5. Call The Horns
6. Death Hand Path
7. The Kingdom In Coffins Of Kings
8. Malaria Magdalena
9. With Tears Of Urine You Will Cry
10. Fire Speaks
11. Rotting God

Review by Alex on December 17, 2018.

Usually when a band takes so long to put out their first full length release, in most cases they are dedicating all energies into crafting something that will have a serious impact on the scene they represent. Letheria first emerged in the year 1999 with a demo residing under the name Profane Oath, since then, the Finish band has only been releasing material in the form of Ep's and demos up until 2018. The one thing I admire the most about the Finish metal scene is the quality of music they strive to create; under no circumstance do they relax or take music for granted, they always give their best attempt at molding their craft and presenting it for listening pleasure and scrutiny. What Letheria has done on this latest offering titled Death-Principle, is take influences of melodic death metal, punk metal, hard rock, old school death metal, hardcore and black metal and somehow mix them effectively to produce a piece of work that has many faces each boasting a proficiency in a select sub-genre of metal. 19 years of experience has done nothing but equip and harness Letheria’s growing strength in diverse musical compositions. Letheria’s drive to command attention is brilliantly put on a display with Death-Principle due to the multiple styles and song writing techniques used in the generating of their first full length record. There is so much happening on each track that it would be unfair to label Death-Principle “run of the mill” death metal. Death-Principle is the culmination of experience and dedication, it’s a monster comprised of many horrors that comes to surface ever so often before being restrained.

Given the somewhat shaky beginning of the record, it was difficult at first to make sense of what Letheria had set out to accomplish. The songs were not too shabby at all, they however were not very effective at cohesively blending the various styles thus leading to mixed feelings about the opening moments of the band’s debut record Death-Principle. It however picked up interest immediately on “One Spit of a Thousand Swears”. At this time the formula begins to demonstrate signs of potency, the idea behind the record sparks understanding and from that point everything else etches onto the record with purpose. With the arrival of “Pestchrist” Letheria start pelting out the melodies and man what a treat they are to hear; you get the feeling of listening to an entirely different record. The arrangements groove into the rhythm much more smoothly instead of sounding stranded and searching for its place. Following sudden burst of momentum, more wicked tunes begin to crawl from the dark, songs like “Call the Horns”, “The Kingdom in Coffins of Kings and Gods” and my favorite, “Malaria Magdalena” battle for the spotlight while delivering catchy guitar leads and riffs. The drumming is a definite highlight on Death-Principle, it goes from mid-paced groovy, to hardcore, to melodic black metal, to black/death blasts beats and constant snare stomping. It must require a level head to memorize and execute such ever changing drum styles; well done the drummer. The riffs hold up against the test of the drums; they partake in the musical journey with a few added surprises where you least expect them. The vocals are a blend of snarling grunts, punk laden declarations in the form of shouting and a chants that lay naked and raw on Death-Principle. The vocalist delivers an array of blends during the lyrical passages spoken on each entry thus adhering to the multiple faces of Letheria’s Death-Principle

In most ways you may consider this venture an experimental one judging by the diverse patterns of Letheria’s sound. Death-Principle seems as though the band is just having fun and after being around for nearly decades who can tell them not to. 

Pestilential Passages of Protest

  • “Pestchrist”
  • ”Call The Horns”
  • ”The Kingdom in Coffins of Kings and Gods”
  • ”Malaria Magdalena”
  • ”With Tears of Urine You Will Cry His Name”
  • ”Fire Speaks”

Rating: 8.2 out of 10