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Galactic Usurper

Slovenia Country of Origin: Slovenia

Galactic Usurper
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Type: Demo
Release Date: November 25th, 2011
Label: Independent
Genre: Black, Death, Progressive
1. Galactic Usurper
2. Digestive Pit
3. Future Existence
4. Destructoid

Review by Chris Pratl on January 15, 2019.

Slovenia’s thrash ensemble Teleport brings a really stellar production to the table in its debut demo Galactic Usurper, a harsh, albeit proggy jaunt through the annals of thrash metal history. I guess this update is full of surprises for this humble writer. 

The four tracks on this demo are progressively slanted, sure, but the overall primitive thrash vibe is always underlying. While I wouldn’t say these guys are the epitome of some of our more technically-sound thrash bands like Coroner, Vektor or Hellwitch, the sound is the best of both eras, old and new, without giving it all away to nu-thrash, a trend so disgustingly opaque it sickens me. I love the bass work in this demo as much as I like the quick-paced time changes that flow so sweetly it’s almost tough to follow and difficult to predict, two illuminating nuances I personally enjoy. This is not thrash that will necessarily make you get up and destroy your room, but it is speedy and inductive enough to make you see the more progressive side of the medium. 

Vocally, there’s a slimmer, even toned down and breathy delivery that isn’t too overused today and just shrieking enough to call upon the likes of Schmier with just the barest of comparisons. The true gift here is the music, thoughtful and well-structured, taking an ancient genre and adding some flavor to its core without running amok with the idea and raping the concept. “Future Existence” is the track that best exemplifies this, switching gears often enough to warrant a few additional listens, and as I said I love the bass sound and how, thankfully, it wasn’t carelessly buried for the sake of rudimentary guitars. 

Overall, Teleport is a fine band with a fine first effort; hopefully the ideas will come faster and more furious in the future. So far the selected track is the right one.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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