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A Dead Poem

Greece Country of Origin: Greece

A Dead Poem

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Black, Gothic
1. Sorrowfull Farewell
2. Among Two Storms
3. A Dead Poem
4. Out Of Spirits
5. As If By Magic
6. Full Colour Is The Night
7. Semigod
8. Ten Miles High
9. Between Times
10. Ira Incensus

Review by Adam M on December 13, 2014.

Rotting Christ bring forth a very melodic aspect together with a symphonic one. The result is songs that are catchy, but also have the appeal of a strong mood created. With short running times, the outfit is able to get the point of each track across regardless. Each song has a signature melody that is a defining character that makes it a story on its own. The individual track that made a huge impact on me is the title track, which brings an addictive overriding melody to the table. “Ten Miles High” was also a compelling instrumental.

The band certainly isn’t completely folk in nature, but sounds so in a manner that isn’t unlike Borknagar. The band’s sound also has a black metal foundation, but is more drawn towards interesting other aspects much like the music of Borknagar. This should make the music more appealing for fans of a variety of styles. The imagery of this band would seem to indicate a depressing vibe, but I actually found the music on A Dead Poem mildly uplifting. It’s also more melodic than these images might seem to invoke. These are songs that are that have the sing-along aspect of band like Alestorm or Korpiklanni, but with the gothic melodicism of Moonspell or Tiamat.

A Dead Poem also has the most harmonious portions of all the material I’ve heard from the band, so it is a very pleasing collection of songs to listen to. A high quantity of keyboard usage also helps the overall satisfying aura created on this album. The more immediate nature of the music also makes me return to it more often than similar albums of the style. Fans of the bands name-checked should certainly check out this album. It’s an album that has enough quality to be worthy of the re-issue treatment given to it.

Rating: 8.5/10