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Nad Którymi Nie Czuwa Zaden Stróz

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

Review by Alex on February 16, 2019.

Though never being fond of punk influences used alongside black metal; the way Truchło Strzygi executed this approach put a smile on my face. Having released a full length in 2018 titled Pora umierać which translates to Its Time to Die, garnered a fair bit of attention and critical acclaim; however, I felt they were better than that, thus I was looking forward to what else the band had hidden behind their blackened veil. Today we see them crash the black metal and punk junction with 3 new songs in the form of an EP titled Nad którymi nie czuwa żaden stróż or No Watchman Watches Over. Continuing with their post-apocalyptic and pessimistic themes, Truchło Strzygi does not disappoint as such was the case on their 2018 full-length debut; in fact the material on Nad którymi nie czuwa żaden stróż is better than that offered in the past. Though only spanning just over 12 minutes, this EP embodies what Truchło Strzygi is trying to achieve.

What’s noticeable from the get-go is the lift in production value this has received to create a more apocalyptic manifestation, as it would be fitting for such a band and more-so the music. Also what stands-out on Nad którymi nie czuwa żaden stróż is the thrashing drum attack that is played alongside the tremolo picking thus giving the listener a satisfying blend of both genres which had been done before on their debut full-length but not to this degree of perfection. “Jasna pustka” is the best reference as it executes this effect diligently. The transitions are catchy and propel the motion of the record when diverting from and mixing the genres. The vocals still have a deep rooted punk metal edge and the guitar riffs land devastating blows in the leads. As mentioned earlier, the production is different on this outing; its thick/beefy and gives the black metal a heavier fist. With this kind of mastering, when the high and low-tempo ranged tremolo picking enter, they paint the landscapes vibrantly. 

Nad którymi nie czuwa żaden stróż feels like one long song that gains intensity as it approaches the end. And rightfully so, especially when taking into consideration the lyrics accompanying the music. Each line is spoken (or in this case yelled out) with passion to convey the seriousness of the subjects at hand. The lyrics on Nad którymi nie czuwa żaden stróż provoke deep thoughts as they frustratingly question the purpose of life. The nihilistic nature of the text will indeed challenge the philosophy of any listener that reads them. Multiple interpretations may be derived from scanning the twisted nature of the record’s content; however, it is deeply rooted in fact, a fact that can be seen in today’s society.

I encourage Truchło Strzygi to keep this sort of production and continue to expand on these themes. For having already established a sound of their own, should the band venture on, they will become a unit that many will take notes from attentively. The talent is there so is the drive. 

Rating: 8.8 out of 10