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Opus Tierra

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Opus Tierra
2. Seed
3. Ambrosia
4. Destroyer
5. House Of Serpents
6. The Mound

Review by Krys on April 30, 2019.

This album came at me from the left field without warning or a notice and disregarding all my previous music preferences, life-long habits and my toxic addictions, unexpectedly found firm place in my music rotation. For those who know me I might say couple things that will not make sense and even call for an intervention and if that behavior continuous please send me some quality death metal to straighten me up.

With that out of my system, let me first bow to the sludge/doom gods that gifted my Florida's trio with aptitude and genius to create one of the best opening tracks ever recorded. That grieving guitar and 'So, here we are, all alone...' introduction that leads into colossal wall of sound and soaring vocals, holly shit! And then guitar interplay with those harmonized vocal lines in the chorus! I simply can't get enough of it! I don't do this, ever, but when title track 'Opus Tierra' is on, my eyes just shut down and I drift away carried by the lead voice floating on heavy riffs and steady punch of the rhythm section. Same feeling takes over me with the closing track 'Restless Seer' where hunting vocal harmonies with single note long passages lead to the grand finale.

The grandiose nature and atmosphere of the Opus Tierra was achieved by massively distorted and fuzzy guitar tone that drives power chords to the breaking point of the speakers and pounding rhythm section keeps this procession moving to the hunting chants of Valentin Mallström. The music here flows with perfect arrangement of its parts where not a single note seems out of place and each instrument gives room for others to shine. Same goes for Valentin's vocal sections. He doesn't overpower his lines and even though his tone is a focal point of the songs I was able to relish all instruments and notice every subtle intention hidden behind music bars coming from guitar, bass or drums.

7 tracks keep this record at perfect length where too much sludgy doom can overstay its welcome but this time it leaves you longing for more. I have never, ever flipped such record back to side A and started my voyage again. Congratulations Nixa.

Here's another thing I thought I'd never say, but for me Nixa seems to flourish in slower and heavier parts rather than in upbeat tracks like 'Destroyer' or ending section of 'The Mound' with upbeat word being used loosely in this context. Same goes for vocals, clean tone and harmonies is where I found them most soothing not screams or harsh tones. Maybe it's just a perfect record in a perfect time of my life where nonstop race for new, better and faster has finally caught up with me and has to step back to let me take time to reflect and notice simple things. Whatever it is Nixa hit a jackpot and the only thing left is to catch them life to experience this in an open setting with wall of sound pounding my chest.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10