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Demo II

Costa Rica Country of Origin: Costa Rica

Demo II
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Type: Demo
Release Date: November 16th, 2018
Label: Independent
Genre: Death, Doom
2. Vortex Extracting Putrid Disembodied Beings
3. Substance Conceiled In Open Conduit Discharging Flesh-Penetrating Agony
4. Sempiternal Gravitation Pull Of The Massive Cosmic Cauldron

Review by Alex on May 5, 2019.

With 2 demos being released under Caligari’s flag, Bloodsoaked Necrovoid woke the sleeping with a disturbance of death/doom metal emphasizing on heavy chugging bass lines, a mix of droning guitar-tones and cavernous vocals. Whilst this effort joins the multitude of other releases displaying similar styles, Bloodsoaked Necrovoid on Demo II exercises a concentrated emphasis on transmitting a tumultuous atmosphere. 

As with Demo I the bass tone was audible but also very scrambly and irritating at times as it intervened with the music; however, the production on Demo II is stout and balanced thus ensuring a listening experience that is easier on the ears. Not to be mistaken, Demo II sounds very much raw; however, this added layer of bass and cautious mastering has helped by tightening the angle of the compositions. Another worth mentioning improvement over their debut is the song-writing that was a bit of a letdown; on this occasion though, the band takes more chances in mixing and rearranging some properties of their produce. Eg Demo I held firm to monotonous repetition that really choked the parameters for elaboration; on Demo II, they play with the compositions thus achieving a confident and furnished veneer. Also the vocals stood out more on the first demo, but here the heavy bass tone brings everything to an even level causing the music to appear less rowdy, more harmonized.

The first and arguably the best track, “Flesh Divinations for the Ego Plundered Psyche”, immediately reminded me of Lykhaeon’s "Chthonios I" vocally (with some tweaking along the way), that was already a winner, and the band’s enhanced shuffling between death and doom metal kept the experience fresh. The transitions between the genres are wisely structured considering how often they do imply such shifts; and in collaboration with the controlled mix, these aspects pop like bright colors when presented. The rest of the record follows this path when going full doom metal, death metal or blending the two. 

As to what the appeal of this new demo will have to connoisseurs of the craft lies within Bloodsoaked Necrovoid’s understanding of musical growth and how it’s accomplished. You can tell the group had seized the opportunity to rectify the more glaring faults of Demo I; and by doing so they bred a successful offering that has improved their posture as a working lot. This implies Bloodsoaked Necrovoid is committed to achieving excellence through the development of their musicianship. There still are refinements that can be made to Demo II, some of which could see Bloodsoaked Necrovoid assume a dominant presence within the underground.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10