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United States Country of Origin: United States

2. The Seer's Embrace
3. Vernal Equinox
4. Empty Hands, Hollow Hymns
5. Hewn From Falling Water
6. Of Moss And Stone

Review by Adam M on October 22, 2019.

Dead to a Dying World has a very atmospheric take on metal that must be heard to be appreciated.  The first song has a spoken word aspect, but this is only brief as the music moves to more metal stylistic aspects very quickly.  The immediate next song The Seer’s Embrace provides a much more metal template from which to work from.  Despite the violins, this is a very heavy track and carries forth with it a great amount of momentum.  There is a nice use of dynamics to be found in this track and it is more indicative of what this record represents than the first track.  

The band has a shoe gaze flavour like Alcest, but is at times more heavy and metallic sounding.  This leads the music to have a great deal of atmosphere and this aspect oozes out of every pore of this release.  The third track Vernal Equinox changes things again with its use of female vocals, but there is a nice use of violins and heaviness again.  There is a very driving rhythm in most of these songs that pushes them ever onwards.  The songs drip atmosphere and although there is a similarity to Alcest, there are very few bands that Dead to a Dying World sound like.  The moody nature of the album is brought forth throughout the length of the recording and makes for a very theatrical listen.  It is still easy to follow the tracks as they are accessible enough, but provide depth for those looking for a thorough listen.  Although I was highly impressed by this disc, nothing really stood out to wow me and this brings it down a notch. 

Elegy was merely a very good recording and not an absolutely great one.  Still, fans of atmospheric metal will find a lot to like on this deep and moving release.

Rating: 7.6 out of 10