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Curse Of The Sky

Finland Country of Origin: Finland

Curse Of The Sky
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: March 22nd, 2019
Label: Independent
Genre: Heavy
2. Reign Of Thunder
3. Forgotten Steel
4. Lost Legion
5. Curse Of The Sky
6. Dawn Of Struggle
7. To The Path Of Glory

Review by Alex on April 28, 2019.

Old and epic is the criteria of Iron Griffin’s steel. The anvil used to produce this modern gem known as Curse of the Sky is of pure gold. Iron Griffin have not forgotten “the ancient knowledge of the battle and victory” they claim many have, and the prove it with this piece of majestic traditional heavy metal. Curse of the Sky takes you back to the time of medieval yore that still holds up to this day. Songs of battles and loss reminds you of a time when sacrifice was key to the sustenance of a kingdom. Curse of the Sky even hints at the debt due to the Gods as a result of forgotten and swept aside traditions and customs. This record truly nails that sound of grandeur and conquering, those strong epic vocals boasting power and confidence sets the scenery and casts an unforgettable reflection of the elder age. The guitars and drums work in synchronization with each other in offering an enchanting listening experience, one that I highly praise Iron Griffin for. 

Opening with a short intro that conveniently gathers the type of imagery associated with what is upheld on Curse of the Sky, Iron Griffin ensures the foundation is set for the path one is about to take. The march to victory begins with “Reign of Thunder” and my goodness does it sound like an overwhelming war-cry all thanks to the fantastic female vocals and the male backing vocals. Maija’s vocals sound like she is claiming territory with a fist and flag, they are so empowering, thoroughly sung with pride conviction and passion. The drumming and guitars play a pivotal role of complementing Maija’s vocal range; they showcase a series of wisdom and thoughtfulness, for there are many times they could have let loose impulsively but were suppressed for the greater good. The coupled union of Oskari and Maija works like sword and shield for Curse of the Sky’s entirety, the backing vocals of Oskari really do a very commendable job of supplying Maija’s voice with the necessary muscle on different sections. 

“Forgotten Steel” sneaks into the mix in such a way you’re blindsided and can barely tell if the prior track is continuing or complete; that’s the power of flow and trance working cooperatively in leading the listener into this new dimension that holds him/her steadily fastened uninterruptedly. 

Thus said, once you’ve started soaking-up the beauty of Curse of the Sky, you will want to sing out loud as though proclaiming dominion over a body of land. The songs follow each other in leading-up to the final moments on the record. In keeping with “Dawn of the Struggle” that has a proud punch to the gut unlike any song on Curse of the Sky, the venerable vocal duality matched with the intimate guitars and drum combination, builds a posture that never displays a relinquished state. It carries the listener through the remainder of the record with head held high to somber yet jubilant passages of poetry and rhythm. “To the Path of Glory” is the final stand on Curse of the Sky that brings the record to a closing that encourages the listener to give the material another play-through. It truly translates to a tale of conquest and price.

This record is not ordinary, legions of old will love every second with Curse of the Sky. In one day of repeated listens I have learned the lyrics to “Dawn of the Struggle”, “Reign of Thunder” and “Forgotten Steel”, I swear I can’t stop listening to those songs. Had I not restrained myself from the music on Curse of the Sky this review would not have even started. The only winger I have about this record is it’s too short. I surely would not have found an issue with 1 or 2 more songs filled with the dynamism of Maija’s voice.

Rating: 8.8 out of 10