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Cesta Podzemnými Sálami Kovovlada

Slovakia Country of Origin: Slovakia

Cesta Podzemnými Sálami Kovovlada
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Type: EP
Release Date: July 1st, 2018
Label: Independent
Genre: Black
1. Cesta Podzemnými Sálami Kovovlada I
2. Cesta Podzemnými Sálami Kovovlada II

Review by Felix on April 5, 2020.

Without taking themselves too seriously, Malokarpatan is one of a few bands that have given the scene new impulses during the last years. Their sound reflects individuality and autonomy, they feel free to mix whatever they want, and they are able to bundle all components in a targeted manner. Doubtlessly, this approach proves evidence of their extraordinary skills. But the fact that genius and insanity are not too far apart from each other is nothing new and therefore I want to come straight to the point: The A side of the 7”, 'Cesta… Part I' is nothing else but a useless sound collage of “strange”, “weird” and “spooky” noises. Not the smallest snippet of metal can be found. In a nutshell, 'Part I' is worthless shit.

But good news, 'Cesta… Part II' can be described as… music! Unbelievable, great! Due to a very dull production and in view of the nice artwork of the 7”, this track seems to come directly from the Middle Ages. The song drags on and on in a doomy tempo, the heavyweight melody is complemented by crude keyboard tones and the lead vocals are fixed on the deepest tone the singer is able to squeeze out. A lot of reverb lends him a mighty aura and atmospheric background vocals set in during the second half of the song. Everything comes to an end with a short, well-designed instrumental part where the guitars take the lead. To sum up, it’s a good track that could have been released on a regular full-length as well. The band confirms both its idiosyncratic way of proceeding and its above average potential.

Yet the quality of the B side cannot change the situation that 50% of this release is simply a waste of time, material and money. Usually, I explain my evaluation only when it comes to split releases of two different bands, but here I have to make an exception: 75% for the B side, 0% for the rest. Taking the great artwork into consideration, I am able to justify the rating you see above.

Rating: 4 out of 10