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Umlčen Navěky

Czech Republic Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Umlčen Navěky

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: February 9th, 2018
Label: Independent
Genre: Thrash
2. Rozsudek Padl
3. Na Kusy Roztrhán
4. IV. Druh
5. Život Jde Dál
6. Arcifuck
7. PxPxSx
8. Podříznout A Zakopat
9. Smrtihlav
10. Umlčen Navěky

Review by Felix on April 30, 2019.

The modern times are horrible in terms of politics, climate change and religious insanity, but there is one thing that really helps me to go on. It seems as if the metallic underground never stops to spit out new, competent bands. Here we have a Czech battalion and I hate to see that their album is released only on a Czech label I have never heard of. Given this situation, I am not surprised that I do not find a German mail order that has it on stock. Even the metal underground is not immune against horrible details.

However, Murder Inc. invite the listener to a nerve-racking orgy of thrash. I am not speaking about the overly precise, filigree, relatively melodic and sometimes a little bit lame kind of thrash that formations like Heathen have brought into our musical cosmos. Murder Inc. love to use the crowbar. The ten tracks sound wild, atrocious and uncompromising and not only their fastest parts have a mind-boggling effect. Especially the short adrenaline rush on the seventh position confirms this thesis in a matter of seconds. But there are many more pieces that send a clear message. Murder Inc. push the envelope of what's possible - nevertheless, they avoid sounding predictable or one-dimensional. There is enough diversity to keep the listener under tension and that's a good thing, even though the surprisingly soft intro of "Smrtihlav" and its equally relaxed ending seem to be small accidents.

These unexpected and pretty misplaced moments of lenience aside, the material nearly blows me away. An overdose of energy fights with merciless aggression and, as strange as this may sound, both sides leave the battlefield as winners. Albums like this one provide evidence that the current product of Kreator and similar outputs are nothing else but an act of betrayal, because they take the untamed spirit of thrash metal ad absurdum. However, speaking of Mille, Ventor and the other once adventurous guys, "Pleasure to Kill" is a comparable work which could have had an influence on the Czech ruffians while composing their songs. The vehemence reaches a very similar degree. Subtle nuances are for pussies. (I guess my wording brutalizes. Sorry for that but listening to this album has an effect on me...)

The full-length clocks in at 33 minutes - and everything is laid waste. Although Murder Inc. do not shy away from any form of violence, they do not offer a typical thrash / death metal cocktail. The formation keeps the fingers away from death metal tools such as low-tuned guitars or extremely deep vocals. The rumbling attacks hail the old, mostly European school of thrash while waiving all technical tricks. Consequently, very narrow-minded supporters of the Bay Area thrash formula will probably not enjoy this debut. But I like the impulsive force of the guitars, the stimulating hammering of the snare and the yelping hoarse dog that calls himself lead vocalist. No doubt, there is a lot of potential and we will be well advised to keep an eye on the further evolution of this insane horde.

Rating: 8.2 out of 10