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Type: EP
Release Date: May 7th, 2019
Label: Independent
Genre: Black, Death
2. Demend Befylan
3. Layering Continuum Unfleshing
4. Witnere

Review by Alex on October 25, 2019.

What better way to start your day than with some evil voice in your ear speaking of dark mysteries and the dread awaiting within a catacomb somewhere. You don’t need to look far for that kind of coldness these days and Pestilength take advantage of the apparatus to produce such a work of immense suffering. Pestilength’s 2019 EP, Demend offers a charm those under the cavernous death doom spell will recognize without trouble. Whatever is being conjured here comes with the foul reek of motionlessness. Never heard of this unit before but I'm glad I have; they deliver a crawling, blood-curdling creature lying below the crush of gravity. This countdown before you tumble to tormenting depths, plays like a moldy boulder settling on a flower; no air available, no light, not even the will to survive exists; all things bright and beautiful destroyed by the immeasurable, unmovable weight of this lifeless monolith taking a funereal toll.

You get four levels of albatross within in the span of 21 minutes; what you will find through the endurance is a density ever-mounting, progressively strengthening with each passing moment. Of most unsound mind and diabolical intentions, Pestilength calls upon a plague the likes of an Encoffination or Grave Upheaval would, with the odor of mildew and rot dragging on the gown of horror. Fed by the hands of peril, the crops here made indigestible, Demend is a drought most unforgiving in its magnitude and malign. A full length must be under the mud somewhere, can Pestilength produce 45 minutes of lachrymose and lawlessness draped in the milieu of fright, condemnation and despair?; such is left to be heard. Until then, rest worried by these 4 miseries taking form in ‘Slidrap Hwearf', ‘Demend Befylan’, 'Layering Continuum Unfleshing’ and 'Witnere'. Like excavating an ancient artifact or venturing into the uncharted regions of a once benevolent, advanced civilization, now tarnished and corrupted by the curse of corpses 1000-fold, Pestilength provide the hymns of a coming fall through Demend.

Rating: 8 out of 10