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Netherlands Country of Origin: Netherlands

Review by Yener on May 20, 2019.

I came across this band out of pure chance. I think I was listening to Whoretopsy when I saw these guys in the related videos and I thought sure why the fuck not. Clicked on the video for "Retaliation" and was pretty much just instantly floored. First thing I noticed was the ridiculous, drenched in filth guitar tone. Seriously, it just makes me smile. The amount of distortion on that guitar is just bonkers. 

That said, I'm not really into the slam genre or whatever the hell it's called, but these guys just make me smile because of how downright angry they are. I can always appreciate that. Anger is one thing that is missing a lot in today's metal. Korpse has a never-ending supply of it. I have no idea how four guys from Holland can be so damn upset, but it is what it is, and I fully support them in their quest for displeasing as many people as they can with their sound.

The musicianship is good, not great. The riffs are interesting throughout to keep the listener satisfied. The drum work is exceptional, as well as the drum sound, which just hammers away like a jackhammer. I just can't get over how fucking brutal this is though, holy shit. It's like Defeated Sanity and Putridity had a baby and it's just angry for ever being born. This is a LOT of fun to listen to. Not gonna go over individual tracks, though "Collateral Casualties", "Incinerate" and "Retaliation" are all highlights. The album cover is kind of silly but whatever. We're not here because of that. 

I like this band because of the sheer energy and angry they put into their songs. It really does make you look back in awe and go "holy crap... those guys are pissed off alright." If you love your metal extreme and as brutal as it comes, look no further. This is just downright fun to listen to.

Rating: 8.6 out of 10