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Krieg Thrash

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Krieg Thrash

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: August 3rd, 2012
Genre: Speed, Thrash
1. Raging Shrapnel Hail
2. Merciless Beast
4. Warfare
5. Of Sheep, Shephards & Filthy Sermons
6. Сатана (Д.И.В. Cover)
7. Impact Of Evil
8. Tunes Of Might
9. Kill With Speed
10. Gargoyle Of Prague
11. The Night Is Ours

Review by Felix on May 30, 2019.

What a shabby artwork. Is this the incompetent version of Exciter's "Long Live the Loud"? Or, even worse, does the band consist of Manowar supporters? And what the hell is this between the legs of this horned creature? The strangest kind of penis ever. Well, the very intelligent pseudonyms of the artists, for example Vlad Krieger or Pete Blitzkrieg, also give cause for concern. Finally, the album's title is simply moronic. Krieg Thrash, hahaha, this must be a parody at best. Well, let's listen to this bullshit for a minute and then I throw this shit away.

But what's that? As soon as the music begins, all the embarrassing side effects are forgotten. Almost unbelievable, but Eliminator invite the listener to a wild and daring ride through the most exciting territories of thrash metal. Less controlled than "Agent Orange", less precise than "Expurse of Sodomy", but in close proximity to "Persecution Mania". Less amateurish than "Endless Pain", less rumbling than "Pleasure to Kill", but in close relationship to "Flag of Hate". From this follows that the riffs are not executed with surgical precision. Dudes like Gary Holt, Craig Lociero or Alex Skolnick will probably hate this kind of thrash. It doesn't matter. The eliminating squadron hails the old German school of boisterous thrash and even the somewhat pressed and chunky production gives me the idea that the guys want to turn back time. In their wildest moments, Eliminator act absolutely ecstatically. The programmatically dubbed "Kill with Speed" offers somersaulting guitars and raging drums that do not know terms such as "silence", "serenity" or "clemency". Further tracks like "Gargoyle of Prague", equipped with a completely devastating chorus, also break speed records. Eliminator do not create a consistent atmosphere, but the intensity of their material and their energetic exuberance deserve respect. This storm of thrash is not for the faint-hearted and some parts, for example during the totally insane closer, illustrate that the creation of chaos can be an effective stylistic device.

Don't get me wrong, chaos is not prevailing on this debut. The German Krieg-lovers connect different parts very skillfully. The eponymous band anthem surprises with a short mosh sequence before all hell breaks loose again. Some stomping sections are also integrated in a clever way. An authentic fury transforms the songs to deadly weapons and both sudden breaks and unexpected tempo changes give them a slightly different direction from time to time. "Warfare", for example, scores with a suddenly emerging riff after the first chorus that pushes this title on the next level. Nevertheless, the following "Of Sheep, Shephards & Filthy Sermons" is even better. The ferocious attack boasts with excellent guitars, torrid drum fire and terrifying spoken words sequences that reflect the hypocrisy of (false) preachers and the blindness of their followers. This song connects a partly terrifying atmosphere with the violent musical approach and therefore it stands out and marks the peak of Eliminator's debut. By the way, this song as well as "Warfare" possess anti-religious lyrics that set themselves agreeably apart from many idiotic statements of other formations. Indeed, the full-length looks like the work of nutcases, but the dudes are definitely not stupid.

The hairy beast on the cover finishes its metallic ejaculation after 47 minutes of power, dedication and devastation. The Krieg is over. I crawl out of my trench and I realize in a matter of seconds that Eliminator have won the battle. Albeit a few tracks do not reach the highest score, for example the pretty traditionally designed "Times of Might", I can definitely say that this full-length has enriched my thrash metal cosmos. Too bad that there are no signs for a second work of these competent jesters.

Rating: 8.4 out of 10