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Necro Apocalipse Bestial

Portugal Country of Origin: Portugal

Necro Apocalipse Bestial
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: September 5th, 2019
Genre: Thrash
2. Speed Metal Tornado
3. Blasfémia Total
4. Bulldozer Infernal
5. Anti-Gótico
6. Necro Ritual
7. Hecatombe
8. Patrulha Do Thrash
9. Anti-Sóbrio
10. Assalto Metálico

Review by Felix on September 24, 2019.

Dirty little bastards can make excellent music, right? Alcoholocaust, doubtlessly among the aforementioned species, demonstrate their skills on their first full-length. It took only 14 years to release an album, very short period I would say. So, what... Necro Apocalipse Bestial has everything why I call them dirty little bastards, and this is, to avoid misunderstandings, a compliment. I would almost say one has to belong to this group, otherwise one cannot really play the type of metal that the band celebrates. Alcoholocaust, a typically stupid name for this kind of bastards, perform a mix of speed and thrash metal with a nice punk add-on. No single gram of fat, no frills, no gimmicks occur, just a somewhat pimply, mean and funny pile of dirt. Yes, it stinks, but black/thrash maniacs have fallen in love with exactly this kind of stench long ago, the older ones with the first two albums of a widely unknown band called... Venom, if I am not mistaken, and the younger ones with fearless formations such as Cruel Force, Condor or Aura Noir.

Alcoholocaust appreciate the one-riff-per-song approach. This means that they have to have a close eye on the quality of their riffs, but fortunately they do not show any signs of weakness in this respect. After the motto "either a riff is effective or we don't play it", the band showcases its talent for infectious tunes. All of them are reduced to the essentials and therefore it does not take long to have a clear picture concerning the band's abilities. The dudes do not impress with variety, they hate experiments and they see no sense in opulent song patterns. Some well-educated metal doctors will call this approach crummy and shoddy and they are somehow right: this is no high-end music. But it caresses my ears - admittedly, it caresses with sandpaper and glass wool and my ears are bleeding from thousand little wounds, however, it is fantastic. Get this album in an infinite loop and have a good time without end, and, almost better, without any other drugs, without alcohol and without Holocaust.

Production-wise, I can only say that the guitars have the perfect tone for this kind of metal. They sound sharp, biting and powerful. Thus, they are the perfect companion for the lead vocalist. His antsy barking does not lack fiendishness and some interspersed high-pitched screams add the final touch. He almost sounds like a combination of Angelripper and Schmier, pretty nice. But it gets even nicer. Needless to say, that the band does not appreciate slow or mid-paced rhythms. The drums do their work precisely and without any useless shenanigans. Both the tight interplay and the permanent pressure deserve applause, but that's not all. Sometimes a truly catchy and dynamic chorus comes to light ("Anti-Gótico"), while solos are rather the exception than the norm. This is the sound which is lost in big arenas, but it will drive the audience crazy in every small club until hectoliters of sweat are dripping from the ceiling. So, if your living room has rather the size of a club than of an arena, you know what you must do right now; get your copy. And this applies all the more if you are of the opinion that the new Toxic Holocaust album is surprisingly lame.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10