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Odious Descent Into Decay

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Odious Descent Into Decay

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: August 16th, 2019
Genre: Death

Review by Alex on July 30, 2019.

At the announcement that Cerebral Rot full length record would be contaminating the scene, immediately my appetite made room and began shouting. Even after hearing many fantastic death metal records out this year, my thirst had not been quenched to say the least. In the quest of seeking material with an infinite posture, impatience grew fretfully high. Cerebral Rot's debut needed to be progressed into something more recognized; a record signifying a confident leap from the position earned beforehand. Thus said, Odious Descent into Decay is that album; it has developed the foundation laid by the previous installment. Knowing the members involved in Cerebral Rot have been active participants in Fetid and Caustic Wound, some of the DNA is brought and injected, making this effort from the band a merging of identities that eventually corrupting the sound of the music for the better. I've had countless play-throughs of the new record; thus I have come to value the music indefinitely. The abstruse artwork on Odious Descent into Decay adds to the total package and boosts the musical appeal. The meaty kick of the bass drum, the crack of the snare, the hungry vocals and craving cry of the guitars has turned this full length into more than Cerebral Rot's debut, it's now a death metal gem. Kudos to the team responsible for capturing the rawness of the music yet still clearly projecting its sonic storm; easily making Odious Descent into Decay one of the best produced death metal records of 2019. It will be interesting to see if any band rises to the occasion of dethroning Odious Descent into Decay, quite a strenuous, energy and resource depleting task it would prove to be; but good luck to those attempting to do so. 

Cerebral Rot made a huge impact with their 2018 demo Cessation of Life. It caused quite a stir within the underground of death metal, that at the time had already gotten accustomed to the latest trend of bands playing to the throne of the old school. However, Cerebral Rot, though doing the same, possessed a condemning aura unlike their peers; their blend of raw sounding produced death metal mixed with grotesque themes of decomposition showed that they were more than a face amongst faces. Comprised of members involved in Crurifragium, Fetid, Chronic Tomb and Demoncy, Cerebral Rot had with them the huge task of producing a record that would see their name elevated to the status of Tomb Mold, Undergang, Vastum ect. Almost a year later since the release of Cessation of Life, a new obscenity would materialize within the bowels of their creative cesspool, a rancorous stench of biological canker permeates from the unsound vault of 20 Buck Spin. Odious Descent of Decay brings the filth to the masses bountifully and unapologetically; the sore of the sickness has spread, the fungus vitiating the cells has now been transmitted like an epidemic in the underground. Cerebral Rot have risen to the task of engineering a record, that for me, currently battles with Sempiternal Dusks’ "Cenotaph of Defectuous Creation" for the best death metal release of 2019 thus-far. What’s excreted here sounds as though it had been contrived within the distinguished, yet disgusting death metal demo domain of 1990, more specifically, Cenotaph’s (Mexico) "Tenebrous Apparitions" ep and the likes of. Odious Descent Into Decay is a scripture dug from the swampy trenches of swirling infirmities, delivered on a silver platter to satiate the sick.

The diseased bowels of Cerebral Rot have become active once again, after fidgeting worrisomely, it would meet its peak of provocation, hence the sudden explosion of excrement is now plastered across the scene. The eruption is signaled by the title track, 'Odious Descent into Decay', reintroducing the band to those already familiar with and souls new to this form of loathsomeness; the collective of Zach, Drew, Clyle and Ian begin the disgusting plunge with all the qualities autochthonic to the image and sound of Cerebral Rot. Loaded with sublime shifts in tempo and sudden stringed dispersals, the 45-minute session of sordidness had begun on a positive note. The musical affluence here has taken a step up from their demo in striving for lengthier and at the same time, memorable tunes that hold the listener/s attention steadily. Vocally I’m beyond impressed given Purveyor of Destruction's intimidating, roaring, guttural ability in providing the music with an aura of torrential oppression and disintegration. The session of malpractice is fortified by more than commendable performances by Drew, Clyle and Zach, their chemistry as a band shows distinguishably; the punishing pound of the snare is matched with cauterizing riffs heard on 'Odious Descent Into Decay', 'Reeking Septic Mass' and 'Sardonic Repentance' just to list a few. The momentum, technical flare and tuneful swing are distributed evenly across the album in ensuring the experience does nothing less than please and exceed expectations. Then, when touched by the hands of a primal production, it’s as if you're trapped somewhere between the sway of  Darkthrone’s "Soulside Journey" and Cenotaph’s "Tenebrous Apparitions". Odious Descent into Decay is extravagant, circumspect-fully crafted and grotesquely romanticized.  

Mummified offerings to the mad/Medications from exotic hemispheres 

  • Odious Descent into Decay
  • Putrefaction (Eternal Decay)
  • Primordial Soup of Radioactive Sewage 

Salivating while staring at the source of sickness 

  • Swamped in Festering Excrementia
  • Sardonic Repentance 
  • Foul Stench of Ruination 

Rating: 9.8 out of 10