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Der König Ist Tot

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Der König Ist Tot
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Type: EP
Release Date: February 7th, 2018
Label: Independent
Genre: Black
1. Weisheit Und Kraft
2. Das Alte Blut
3. Jagd
4. Der König Ist Tot
5. Monolith

Review by Felix on June 27, 2024.

The name Mavorim stands for black metal that combines relatively melodic songs with a fanatic voice full of misanthropy and hate. Within less than ten years, mastermind Baptist has produced a confusingly opulent discography. Four regular full-lengths, five demos in album quality and some splits and EPs, this is the product of his artistic work so far. One of these EPs is “Der König ist tot”. It is among the first releases of Mavorim and it is stingy with regular songs. Only two black metal tracks which are surrounded by three ambient pieces form the EP. However, we don’t give 100, 50 or 0% for the quantity, but for the quality of a release and “Der König ist tot” confirms that one can trust Baptist. It is another release one can buy blindly.

Generally speaking, the main tracks of the EP are typical Mavorim tracks. This project does not change its style, because there is no reason to do so. The songs are sometimes vehement, sometimes melodic and equipped with strong guitar riffs and lines, cleverly used keyboards and throaty yet occasionally clean vocals. A touch of medieval darkness (greetings to Desaster) can be found in the songs as well. The degree of their complexity is pretty perfect, because we get a lot of variation but no confusing structures only a mathematics professor can decode. “Das alte Blut” is a good track, only its clean vocals part suffers a bit from somewhat weak background vocals. The title track marks the highlight. It is introduced by “Jagd”, a short keyboards / percussion piece that brings back the “Minas Morgul” days of Summoning. It does not happen often, but here I am sad that this ambient number comes to its end very quickly.

“Der König ist tot” spreads discomfort and hostility right from the beginning. Its melodies are absolutely excellent and Baptist tells us a dark story about death, betrayal and contempt. The guy has a talent to paint strong pictures with his words. The scenarios he describes become real before the inner eye and this draws the listener even deeper into the songs. But the instrumental parts, especially the stormy, restless ones, do not stand in the shadow of the lyrics. The composition is brilliant. The old rule is still valid: there is almost no Mavorim release without at least one pure gem.

It’s a pity that the EP doesn’t house further songs, but this is the only complaint I have. By contrast, its production is totally fine. It is far away from being perfect or polished. Instead, the whole thing sounds like a well recorded demo. A bit muffled, a bit blurred and a bit headstrong, but come on, that’s Mavorim, you have entered the black metal underground and if you want clean productions you are free to buy some bloodless, sterile products of commercially successful bands without any artistic intention. But please do not commit suicide when realizing what you have done. There will certainly still be a copy of “Der König ist tot” available.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10