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Stavelot 1597 / Rome 897

Belgium Country of Origin: Belgium

1. Stavelot 1597
2. Rome 897

Review by Alex on August 26, 2019.

I understand what these guys were going for, but it was not executed the way I would have imagined it to, which is both a good and bad thing as the element of surprise is often a welcome factor. But in this case it's not so entirely. What I like about this record is the early Archgoat influences being touted around, Angelcunt for example, and the untamed vocals atop the compositions. Though some aspects of this 2-track EP are to my liking such as the drum patterns and riffing, I have found the more technical elements of the instrumental arrangements to be a bit sloppy. These two tracks come off as being bestial yes, but poorly gathered if you understand what I mean. The ability to play is there but the overall presentation appears to sound of disunity as if every member has their own idea of pace keeping; though definitely knowledgeable musicians, the song sections sound drunkenly put together. It pisses me off because I like the artwork and the theme behind the record, but where the music is concerned, it just does not give me a feeling of unity, rather, a rushed and scrambled together effort is what I get after hearing the tracks 'Rome 897' and 'Stavelot 1597'. I think Dikasterion can do better than this, they have the tools, it’s just a matter of fluently linking them together.

Rating: 5 out of 10