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Consciousness Torn From The Void

Canada Country of Origin: Canada

Consciousness Torn From The Void
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: September 13th, 2019
Genre: Atmospheric, Black

Review by Krys on September 2, 2019.

What we have here is a brand-new project by the name The Ember, The Ash from Canadian multi-instrumentalist 鬼, whose signature is the kanji for 'ghost'. Some of you might be familiar with this gentleman's work from blackgaze/post-black metal band Unreqvited but with The Ember, The Ash he reveals his darker side and offers the perfect outlet to the pain and personal struggles. 

"Consciousness Torn From The Void" is a depressive, atmospheric black metal that is laid on solid foundations that came from years of experience composing post-black soundscapes for his main project (Unreqvited). Every band in this genre characterizes by piercing screams and cutting riffs but what sets this opus apart are layers of emotional grandiosity represented by lush cinematic-like soundscapes. This man knows how to weave the somber and depressive layers and yet by the end of the record generate sense of hope and relief. Starting with ambient intro to the title track 'Consciousness Torn From The Void' and ending with clean guitar strumming on 'From Marrow To Essence', ghost uses all instruments at his disposal to build the atmospheric landscape that immerses listener on his musical journey. For example, 'He Who Wove the Stars and Moons' that starts with mid pace, head-banging, melodic riff goes into an overdrive with blasts and double-bass interlaced with keyboard lines composed so well into the track that reminds me of best days of old, symphonic black metal. But after the storm, last 2 minutes of the song close with clean tone of classic guitar that calms the rough sea and brings hope. 

There's something about the delicate melodies throughout the whole album that on one hand are very pleasant-sounding, at times even catchy, but at the end still build the somber nature of the record and keep depressive mood at the forefront of the music. Not everything is perfect though; maybe because I'm not much of an ambient style fan, but 'Restoration' didn't have any effect on me as well as ending to 'Creature of No Mass'. I guess kudos for trying different elements but for my taste it didn't work out in the grand scheme of things. Thankfully 'From Marrow To Essence' brings back the rollercoaster of emotions with all music elements previously described to close this impressive record. 

"Consciousness Torn From The Void" is more than a solid debut from this one-man project, with blends of emotions and comprehensive musical maturity fans of atmospheric black metal will devour this record with passion and yearn for this void to never end. 

Rating: 8 out of 10