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Light The Candle In Honour Of Devils

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. The Welcoming Flames Of Oblivion
2. Accused Sorceress
4. Four Beasts Before The Throne
5. Castle Of The Accursed
6. The Divine Butcheress
7. Abess Antichrist
8. All The Black Arts At Her Command
9. Betrothed To The Wicked
10. Execution Of The Plague Spreader
11. Nächtober Necromancy
12. The Morta-Possessed

Review by Alex on September 27, 2019.

Vaultwraith, a relatively new band formed sometime in 2012 have been busy since 2016 with a demo, some EPs and a full-length record in 2017. Their style could be classified as a blend of heavy metal and black metal with lyrics usually revolving around occultism and horror. I picked up their debut Death is Proof of Satan’s Power on vinyl when it was released and was relatively pleased with what I heard. Hence, I believe they're a bit of an overlooked band because that record was scarcely spoken of among underground enthusiast. Even though Vaulthwraith’s debut was better than I expected, it left a space of wanting for more. I found out they were in the process of recording another record to be put out again by Hells Headbangers and thus I was very much looking forward to what would come to fruition from the band. Light the Candle in Honor of Devils is their second poke at the eternal darkness set to dawn under the blackened sky of October 31st, Halloween.

Light the Candle in Honor of Devils is even better than their debut. Songs carry a heavier sense of trepidation and are more theatrically written to conjure the scenery they were aiming for, hence one could say it truly does justice to the album artwork. Imagery like that needs matching music to mold the atmosphere and such is present in flourishing formation. One of Vaulthwraith’s strengths lies within the ability to build each song into an event of sorts and carry the listener through their tales so vastly expanded. You can imagine the stories unfolding before your eyes through Vaultwraith’s cinematic approach. Not to be mistaken, the heavy metal and black metal properties (sound-wise) have never been compromised as far as I have heard since listening to their music, rather a balanced showing of their craft has always been the center-focus of Vaultwraith. I think it’s their vocalist that helps in making the music diverse; her vox are a strange but pleasurable blend of death and black metal, like a raspy grunt effectively tugging at and uniting both genres.

Yet only one great facet of Vaultwraith, the composite feel is that other element which has and continues to make their music even more adventurous and enjoyable. You will come to notice the heavy metal influence through their guitar and drum work after giving ‘Accused Sorceress’, ‘Reborn in Charnel Infamy’ and ‘Four Beasts Before the Throne’ a spin; however, what also takes the stage is the way in which these properties are fused to create a grandiose scenario, an instrumental reflection of the cover artwork materializes as each song presented plays to its scenery. That one character alone gives the listener a view into the magic at work on a Vaultwraith record when portraying their imagery; and with Light the Candle in Honor of Devils being a bit longer and is ushered by intro ‘The Welcoming Flames of Oblivion’, the immersion factor meets a new bar in the band’s discography.

Heading beyond to ‘Castle of the Accursed’, 'The Divine Butcheress’, ‘Abess Antichrist’ and ‘Natchbutcher Necromancy’, Light the Candle in Honor of Devils exhibits a greater cohesive flow than what was presented on Death is Proof of Satan’s Power; even better are the songs themselves, this time they’re so much more flexible in traversing and manipulating the various atmospheric tones and inclinations heard through the guitar work, which by the way is splendid. By the end of the record you feel like you were there baring witness to the events and horrors on Light the Candle in Honor of Devils. Musical wizardry right here, that’s what you want and the master technicians in Vaultwraith deliver just that. I’m elated that not only they have followed up 2017s Death is Proof of Satan’s Power with similarly themed material, but they out-performed their debut on every front; certainly, a record not only fit for the season but one that you surely will want to revisit throughout the years.

Rating: 8.4 out of 10